Real Factor Behind The Growing Infertility Epidemic

The answer is very simple…

It is your modern lifestyle that is causing havoc…

Relying on conventional treatments without changing your lifestyle doesn’t reverse infertility….

Remember! Conventional medicine focuses on symptoms rather the looking at underlying causes…

Reasons for Infertility in Women:

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A pH imbalance, stress, lack of calcium needed for fertilization, pelvic inflammatory disease, an STD, HPV vaccine, allergy, cholesterol, and over-the-counter NSAID medications, hormone imbalance, emotional issues, white sugar, thyroid imbalance, malnutrition, some synthetic vitamin supplements, alcohol use, smoking, genetically modified foods which lack the nutrients necessary for fertility (because they are infertile themselves), high fructose corn syrup, phyto-estrogens from soy, vaginitis, caffeine, and a lack of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, or K. [Source:]

The reasons for Infertility in Men:

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Increase in body temperature from tight clothing and hot baths, cholesterol and auto-immune disease medications, amino acid, vitamin C, B, E, or zinc deficiencies, a lack of DHEA, stress, cortisol or pH imbalance, age and time of year, occupational hazards, radiation from cell phones, malnutrition, heavy metals, alcohol, infections, smoking, cottonseed oil, and genetically modified cotton and other foods, steroids, phyto-estrogens from soy, chemotherapy, STDs. [Source:]

Let us face it!

It is without any doubt modern lifestyle is the real culprit behind growing infertility in America and other urbanized modern countries…

So what to do now?

If you ask me this question I would bluntly say change the lifestyle and go for natural remedies…

Think about it!

You how to completely avoid genetically modified foods and consume fresh organic, healthy diet for at least six months before you do anything with regard to dealing with infertility (Check Foods That Cause Infertility And Foods That Are Healthy)…

Conclusion: How to get Pregnant in 90 days Cycle

Anovulation is not just a fertility disorder. It is a signal of deteriorating overall health. Doing the same things like Clomid cycles and checking charts does not bring any luck. The delay could damage reproductive organs irreversibly and put your health at serious risk.


If you are trying to conceive for more than two years and worried about whether you can get pregnant…It is the time for C.H.A.N.G.E… So you won’t MISS the FUTURE.

Here is what to do NOW…

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