Does Blocked Fallopian Tubes Make You Childless

Did you feel pain and pressure in your pelvic area?

Are you trying to conceive for a long time and suffered miscarriages and finally you were told that you have blocked fallopian tubes?

I know the extreme worry and debilitating pain you’re experiencing these days…

You might already be undergone of HSG tests and laparoscopy… If not, that is what your Doctor recommends to you…

In case, if you are not entirely happy with these procedures the only option left with you is surgery or IVF to get pregnant…

Before you decide what is the best treatment for you, first let us find out the root cause of your problem.

Your fallopian tubes were blocked because of abdominal adhesions.

Adhesion is a healing process that is, unfortunately, turning into the problem to you…

Let me explain.

When you fall, inflammation and scar tissue are formed to heal the wounds…

Similarly, if you undergo surgery or get the infection inside your body inflammation and adhesions are formed as a part of healing process…

No medicines can dissolve these abdominal adhesions.

These adhesions can slowly spread and affect nearby organs such as the bowel, bladder, fallopian tubes or ovaries…

This eventually results in infertility and other life-threatening diseases.

Now the question is how to get rid of this problem.

You have two treatment options.

1. Surgery or IVF
2. Natural methods

Which treatment will you choose…

If you decide surgery or IVF procedure, indirectly you are creating more scar tissues and adhesions. In other words, you are complicating your problem even further and heading towards chronic diseases.

Did you know why?

Surgery leaves you with more scar tissues and adhesions and risks you with even more complications.

If you choose natural methods, you’re essentially clearing the affected areas using the techniques of a hot gas castor oil pack; self-administered colonic massage; stretching exercises and opting the food that naturally clear adhesions…

I know!

You want to get pregnant without compromising your health…

And you are going to love this…

Dorothy Macleod fought with infertility issues for more than a decade. Her Gyn told a year ago that one of her tubes was blocked, and had insisted that IVF was the only option left for her. She was desperate and terrified due to her relatively advanced age and the two ovarian cysts that were giving her hell, which she would be childless. She read many awful stories about the side effects, the low success rate and pain involved with the IVF procedure and therefore, so she opted for natural alternatives. After two months of trying, she got pregnant with her first baby boy.

You may think that this is nothing short of a miracle!

Is it a miracle?


She simply addressed the root cause of the problem with natural methods…

That’s all she did…

If you like to enjoy this kind of transformation, click this link to find more information here


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