How to Deal with Infertility Label?

You feel down in the dumps when you come to know that you have to go to an infertility clinic as you’re not ovulating.

If you share your problem with your friends they pity about you. You feel like everybody labeling you as infertile.

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Real Factor Behind The Growing Infertility Epidemic

The answer is very simple…

It is your modern lifestyle that is causing havoc…

Relying on conventional treatments without changing your lifestyle doesn’t reverse the infertility….

Remember! Conventional medicine focuses on symptoms rather the looking at underlying causes…

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300 Chemicals That Cause Infertility

Your body is bombarded with up to 300 dangerous chemicals every day. You may be under the impression that you eat well and take care of yourself.  Nevertheless, the fact remains that you’re exposed to these chemicals by the products you use as a daily routine.

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