Mystic Body and Magic Cycle: Your Ultimate Infertility Guide

Mystic Body and Magic Cycle: Your Ultimate Infertility Guide

Five step hormone balance plan

I have put everything down into a simple 5 step plan any woman who desperately wants kids can follow and fulfill their dream of becoming a mother…

I call it…

Mystic Body and Magic Cycle


Mystic Body and magic Cycle is a “five step hormone balance plan”. Using this unique plan you are doing only one thing…You are simply activating your own body pharmacy…

When you activate your body pharmacy, the body reset your hormonal imbalances and revive your fertility and total health automatically. This is what we refer as self-healing capacity.

How to activate your body pharmacy

I have developed this five-step plan that will repair your body, mind and energy and as a result your own body pharmacy will be activated. That means you are activating the miraculous healing power of your intelligent body.

With the activation of your body pharmacy, your body can protect your fertility, correct your hormonal imbalances, relieve you from all the fertility problems, Revive your reproductive health and finally you conceive as any other woman…

First 3 steps are designed to repair your body. Fourth step is designed to repair your mind. Fifth step is designed to repair your energy.

The secret to self healing capacity

While developing the five step hormone balance plan we kept in mind the 3 components of human being. i.e body, mind and energy.

In order to activate your body pharmacy, you have overhaul all the 3 components.

Everyone knows about the body and mind. The 3rd component is energy …

The physical body and mind are like your hardware and software. Hardware and software cannot do anything unless you plug into quality power. Similarly your body and mind can’t do anything without aligning with your energy.

The ultimate secret to hormone balance and total health

If you can fully activate your energy, disease can’t exist in your body or in your mind.

The disease come to your body because the energy is not functioning properly. (This is the root cause of all the chronic diseases)

The 5th step of our fertility protocol is intended to repair this energy. It is a simple process changing your body chemistry consciously by adopting certain lifestyle changes.

Why Your fertility treatment doesn’t work

Until now, you have settled for manipulating your symptoms through the pills or other medical interventions, masking the symptoms and leaving the core problem of hormonal imbalances; not knowing the dangerous consequence of irreversible infertility and other life threatening chronic diseases.

Even dietary changes alone can’t help you get pregnant

Foods alone can’t help you get pregnant because food alone not causing disease in your body.

Disturbance in the Mind is the major factor for the chronic diseases.

What your doctors cannot accomplish, a joyful mind will accomplish. Your mind is a miraculous machine. So, if you can learn how to use your mind, you can restore imbalance in your body.

So food is a factor for your infertility and other fertility problems to the extent of 15% only. So 85% of the factor is the disturbed mind.

The wise treatment for treating all the fertility problems is combining both the dietary and psychological factors.

Modern medicine does not give any importance to either diets or psychological factors and therefore its effectiveness in treating chronic diseases is negligible.

Prevent life threatening chronic diseases

The 5 step hormone balancing plan is intended to heal your body, mind and energy so your body pharmacy (the self healing capacity of your body) is activated

That means total healing…

With the total healing…

  • You can protect of your fertility,
  • You can correct of your hormonal imbalances,
  • You can relieve you from all your fertility problems,
  • You can restore your reproductive health,
  • You can get pregnant.

And also…

You can prevent the life threatening chronic diseases…

Is there any magic behind this?


The lifestyle change awaken your body pharmacy and works 24/7…

If you are interested in this fascinating and life changing book…

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