Sprouting Seed Module – 1 : Pregnancy Nutritional Therapy

Suziben’s The Sprouting Seed Pregnancy System
Get rid of all the Fertility Problems permanently!

Module #1 – Pregnancy Nutrition Therapy

  • Master the pregnancy nutrition rules that cover what to eat and what not to eat — to create right conditions in your body so that fertility happens naturally.
  • How to use the diet secrets of “our ancestors” to maximize your fertility. (Your current diet style rob you of fertility power—while the sprouting seed nutrition therapy increases it multi fold!)

I need to tell you something more…

Do you remember the Charles Simmons Quote…

Here it is… 

‘Sickness is the vengeance of nature for the violation of her laws.’

Yes it is true.

I want to re-frame the above quote…

“Infertility is the Vengeance of Nature for the Violation of her Laws”

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