The # One Fibroid Myth You Keep Falling For

Fibroid Myth

You are often suffering from intense bleeding and stabbing pain…

You go to the doctor and you are diagnosed with uterine fibroids…

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3 Reasons You Should Take Your Uterine Fibroids Tumors Seriously

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The majority women diagnosed with fibroid tumors try to manage them either by birth control pills or taking pain relievers…

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6 Reasons you’re Still Struggling with Fibroids


Are you still struggling with fibroids?

You experience bloating and discomfort in your abdominal area…

You might also gain weight…

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The Scary Link between ‘Stress’ and ‘Fibroids’ [Infographic]

You often don’t believe that stress is one of the factors for your fibroids…

And yet sometimes you are also worried whether your stress making your life miserable….
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2 PCOS Myths You Should Stop Believing [Infographic]

Do you know the cause of PCOS?

Perhaps you are familiar with the following phraseology;
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