“Just relax and you’ll get pregnant” Is It a Myth?

Let me quote some scientific studies. “Stress can hurt your chances of having a baby” – webmd “Stress reduces fertility in women” – bu.edu “Couples undergoing IVF, who are highly stressful less likely to get pregnant in one cycle” – American Journal of Reproductive Immunology Based on above studies ‘Just relax and you’ll get pregnant.’” … Read more

Protect Your Fertility. Let’s Make It Happen.

Fertility exists in women’s body Women’s womb, is the miraculous organ But infertility label is very painful. Time spent in doctor’s office and countless internal exams are even more painful. Believe it or not… Stress affects your menstrual periods Stress hampers your ovulation Stress affects your fertility Therefore relying only on modern medicine you are … Read more

Does Clomid Dry up Cervical Mucus?

Hi, Suziben here from fight your infertility. Com, where we’ve been blogging about infertility problems for over 10 years. One of the most common questions women ask when they are trying get pregnant with Clomid is “Does Clomid dry up cervical mucus?” So in this video you find answer to this question and I’ll reveal … Read more

The 7 Biggest Fertility Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

It’s absolutely heartbreaking if every test comes back with negative results. Do you want your next test comeback with positive results? Then you have to avoid the following 7 mistakes. If you can avoid these mistakes there is every possibility of getting the positive results. Mistake #1: Treating the symptoms and ignoring the root cause … Read more