Why Can’t I Get Pregnant? (ONE Mistake you’re Probably Making)

You have acres of fertility within you waiting to be tapped….
The magic of women’s body is it turns single cell into living being
Is it not a miracle?
Every woman menstruates 450 times in her life
What does it mean?
Women’s body is getting ready to turn single cell into living being 450 times.
From puberty to menopause women’s body has only one purpose. It’s all about conception, pregnancy, giving birth and nurturing child.
All the body systems including nervous and endocrine systems are structured to support these activities.
Don’t you think women’s body is one of the God’s miraculous creations?
Do you still think something is wrong in your body?
Nothing is wrong in your body.
But you are made to believe that something is wrong in your body. Hence, you are trying to correct it with the medicines, ignoring your body and minds innate ability to recover on its own.
It is like the farmer searching for diamonds elsewhere when they are readily available within his farm. Depending only on modern medicine for your fertility is like this.
The point is simple.
You can tap into acres of your fertility if you can correct one mistake you are probably making.
Modern woman due to the compulsions of the modern world is emulating masculine traits.
So, the body is doing feminine activities, mind is rewiring to do masculine things. As a consequence, there is disconnection between the body and the mind.
Disconnection between your body and mind is the root cause of all your hormonal problems and infertility.
The real solution to infertility problems is reconnecting your body and the mind.