Why Does Fibroids Cause Heavy Bleeding? 3 Things to Do To Avoid Surgery

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One of the most common questions women ask when they have uterine fibroids is “ why do fibroids cause heavy bleeding”…

So in this video you find answer to this question and I’ll also reveal you the three important things you need to do in order to avoid the surgery.

Uterine fibroids cause heavy bleeding they put pressure against the uterine lining.

Heavy menstrual bleeding typically last more than 8 days and requires frequent changing of sanitary pads.

Correcting hormone imbalance with dietary and lifestyle changes and allowing your body to shrink the fibroid itself is the true solution instead of surgery.

Here are the 3 important things you need to do to avoid surgery….

1. Estrogen feeds fibroids. Personal care products, plastic cookware, factory-farmed meat and dairy products, soaps and detergents produce estrogen in your body. Avoid these things to starve the fibroids and your fibroids shrink naturally.

2. Fat cells in your body produce estrogen. So overweight is one of the reasons fibroids growth. Regular exercise can shrink your fibroids.

3. Chronic stress is also one of the reasons for estrogen dominance. Practicing regular meditation can restore estrogen and progesterone balance and shrink your fibroids.

So just to recap, the three things you need to do if you have fibroids and heavy bleeding 1. Reduce estrogen raising foods and products 2. Reduce your weight 3. Reduce your stress. I hope that answers your question about “Why does fibroid cause heavy bleeding?”

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