About Suzi Ben


I am modern educated.  Indian woman. Grew up practicing Yoga and Meditation. Struggled to get pregnant. Finally Mom to two sons. This is my short story.

Realized the shortcomings of  modern medicine. Now I am on the mission to help women conceive naturally. I am on the mission to share the miracle powers of yogic techniques in fighting infertility.

The theme of my blog is, therefore,

“Don’t Let Your Fertility Slip Away. Protect it with Yogic Secrets. Enjoy your Motherhood.”

By the way, my name is Suzi ( My husband calls me so ). We live in the beautiful beach city of Visakhapatnam in India.


Enjoying the beach with children

My family consists of 5 members; myself, my husband, two sons and one Labrador dog.

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Tour with my Family

Our Past

I and my husband were worked for Govt of AP for many years. Even Though we were financially well, not happy with what we were doing. Our Jobs were hectic and mechanical. We want to quit our jobs long back but didn’t as our sons were in their prime of education. Years passed. Things have gone from bad to worst.The long story short we quit our jobs to live a life of freedom.

Living Internet Life

Now we are full-time bloggers and make a decent living, staying at home, while enjoying internet lifestyle. Our journey is not a bed of roses. We reached to this stage after five years of struggle, trial, and error.

1 Million plus Readers already read Our Blog

“Fight your infertility” is perfect place for women who are fighting infertility natural way. More than 1 million + readers already read this blog. Fight your infertility blog is one of the fastest growing infertility blogs.

Uniqueness of our blog

The outstanding feature of “Fight your infertility” blog is, we elegantly combine modern science and Indian yogic science. More importantly, this blog is conversational without medical jargon so anyone can easily follow this.


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