ONE insight from a coconut farmer can protect your fertility

ONE insight from a coconut farmer can protect your fertility

Before we dive into this topic I want you to know the difference between the process and the outcome.

Instead of explaining this in business language I want to share my experience that will help you understand easily the difference between process and outcome.


I’m an Indian woman and grown-up in the midst of coconut farms.

Coconut plants are grown in 12 steps.

  • The farmer choose the healthy nuts
  • Place the coconut in lukewarm water and Leave it for 3-4 days
  • Place the nut in zip lock plastic bag with one cup of water and seal it.
  • Store the bag in a warm, dark location for up to 3 months
  • Prepare the soil by adding fine gravel that help aerate the soil
  • Put the germinated coconut in the soil
  • Water the plant regularly
  • Fertilize the plants
  • Protect the plants from diseases
  • Do Occasional pruning
  • Harvest the coconuts after 7 Years
  • Enjoy its harvest rest of his life

Please look at what the farmer will do.

The farmer never think in terms of steps. He knew what to do today and what to do next day and that’s it. When he’s doing today’s work he will not think of harvest. So the farmer focus of work is farming but not the harvest.

When he choosing the nuts his focus is whether the nuts are healthy or not. when he is preparing the work of seedlings he focus only on seedling. When he’s preparing the soil his only focus is soil… Like this the farmer will do a lot of things everyday before he see the harvest after seven years…

The farmer knew that if he can do right things at the right times the harvest happen on its own. There is no need for the farmer to focus on the harvest because the harvest is an outcome of certain processes. He therefore always focus on the process.

Please realise this.

The farmer clearly knew the difference between the process and outcome and that is why all his energy is spent on the process.

Now let me ask you a question?

Do you know the difference between the process and outcome?

Are you focusing on getting conception or focusing on nutrition, immunity, detoxing, stress management so on and so forth…

If you know the difference between the process and outcome you will only focus on nutrition, immunity, detoxing, stress management and never focus or worried about getting conception…

Focusing on your health is a process like farming. Getting conception is an outcome like harvest.

When you focus on the process you will not worry about the outcome. And that means when you focus on health should not worry about getting conception.

This is one insight from coconut farmer literally changes your life, if you can understand, acknowledge and implement it in your life.

Let me ask one more question?

Is your doctor focusing on the process or outcome?

if your doctor know the difference between the process and outcome he will focus on nutrition, immunity, detoxing, stress management and he never focus on stimulating the ovulation…”

But here is the truth!

The modern doctors are not permitted by the law to focus on the process ( nutrition, immunity, detoxing, stress management) and they are permitted by the law to focus on the outcome. And that is why doctors always try to manipulate the outcome.

Let me elaborate it so as to appreciate the truth…

Fibroids and ovarian cysts are caused by oestrogen dominance. oestrogen dominance is caused by chronic stress, abnormal blood sugar levels and exposure to oestrogen mimicking foods. so the fibroids and ovarian cysts are lifestyle problems. the doctors prefers to surgically remove them.

What it means to you?

The doctors simply eliminating the symptom and leaving the underlying root cause. Here are the root cause is oestrogen dominance caused by improper lifestyle. that is the reason the fibroids are ovarian cysts grow again. It is not the question of fibroids are ovarian cysts. The improper lifestyle continuously affect your health in various forms and eventually you will end up with life-threatening diseases.

Why we end up with life-threatening diseases?

The answer is simple.

Our doctors are focusing on symptoms ( outcomes) and ignoring the healthy lifestyle ( process)

Realise this truth

Doctors treat the symptoms and make you believe that they are treating the disease. You are also under the impression that they are treating your disease. But the fact is that they are only treating the symptoms but not the disease. And that is why treatment is going on for months and years.

All the chronic diseases are caused by psychological, dietary and lifestyle issues. But the doctors don’t give any emphasis to lifestyle changes.

The point is simple…

Doctors can only relieve your symptoms but they can’t handle the underlying disease.

Here who is intelligent?

Is it your doctor or the coconut farmer ( just kidding )

And finally this is my promise…

My latest book “Mystic Body and magic Cycle” is a “five step hormone balance plan” to help you reset your hormonal imbalances. The goal of this plan is to restore your hormonal imbalance. Here I am focusing on the process but not the outcome. I.e Focus on restoring hormonal imbalances.

Our “hormone balance plan” is simplified and systematized. It based on modern mind science and ancient Yogic science… If this weapon is in your hands, you can get rid of ALL your hormonal imbalances and fertility problems. why because you’re focusing on the hormonal health.

I am a fertility blogger and our “five step hormone balance plan” is ceaseless effort of five years…

Remember this!

The five step hormone balance plan is all about changing the lifestyle in sync with your menstrual cycle. (This is fascinating and I’m sure you enjoy it.)

If you are interested in “five step hormonal balancing plan”…(particularly the fourth and fifth steps)

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