How YOGA Optimize Your CYCLE and Restore Your FERTILITY

All the health problems including fertility problems are food created disorders. The right food choices coupled with right lifestyle can help you get rid of all the fertility problems and other medical complications.

This may be unbelievable but it is the truth….

The real cause of infertility (your doctor won’t tell you)…

Modern health problems like overweight, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure metabolic problems….fertility problems like PCOS, annovulation, other hormonal problems ets.. are the mirror reflections of joyless and desire less life. When you stuck with deep emotional wounds you strongly believe that it is not possible to live joyful life.

If you carefully observe the life around you, you can clearly see the nature of life. The nature of life is ceaseless activity of flow or growth. You don’t see stagnation anywhere. When you stuck with the negative emotions you are out of harmony with the life. When I referred wrong lifestyle this is what we mean. You are out of tune with the life.

So the root cause of infertility is wrong food choices coupled with joyless life.

In view of the above the only way you can achieve a breakthrough in your life is changing the food choices and living in harmony with the life.

Just pills, other medical interventions don’t help you much. Also you are risking your fertility and healthy life.

The bottom line….

You must Change…

It is here a regular practice of yoga play a vital role in transforming yourself.

So Yoga is the tool to transformation.

“Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind, and soul.” – Amit Ray

How Yoga change your life

Initially the thought of practicing yoga poses sounds torturous. If you can overcome the initial resistance soon you become addicted to the yoga. There are many reasons for this change. Your belly fat starts melting away. Your knees and legs become stronger. You feel energized. Your anxiety levels come down. Your skin looks great. Your reproductive organs get more energy and blood supply. Last but not least you get back your reproductive health in the track. When all such things happen in your body getting conceived could be the next thing that will happen in your life.

All the yoga poses are not important for you. You need to practice specific yoga poses in order to enhance your fertility and restore reproductive health.

Here I want you to take the advantage of “yoga for optimal fertility DVD series”…

Yoga for Optimal Fertility

This revolutionary yoga series was developed by reproductive medicine specialists who have helped thousands of women become pregnant. The four sets in these DVDs have been uniquely designed, integrating yoga poses with acupuncture channels, to optimize each of the four phases of the reproductive cycle (menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal).

This series comes highly recommended by prominent gynecologists and fertility specialists.

“This is a revolutionary approach in fertility support based on a thorough understanding of reproductive medicine … these sets should be considered as a part of any fertility treatment.” – Dr. Rudy Quintero, MD (FACOG), Medical Director of California’s Advanced Reproductive Endocrinology

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