How Digestive Disorders Cause Infertility?

No Doctor might have told you these facts…

All the modern day chronic diseases, including infertility problems are caused from digestive disorders. Wrong food choices and unhealthy lifestyle cause imbalance in the digestive system.

Realise these two facts;

1. Your digestive system is not designed to digest refined sugars, white floor and harmful food additives. But unfortunately most of the diets you eat contain these foods.

2. You’re not designed to lead sedentary life. Most probably you are leading a sedentary lifestyle like majority of people.

These two factors are enough to cause imbalance in your digestive system. This is what we refer as gut imbalance. This is the root cause of all the metabolic and hormonal problems.

Conventional treatments that treat digestive disorders  like heartburn, abdominal bloating, gas, IBS treat the symptoms temporarily. But the underlying imbalance grows unabated.

Prescription medications therefore cannot cure digestive disorders permanently and leave you with nasties side effects.

Here are the few tips to relieve the symptoms of indigestion…

1. Avoid processed or preservative foods

2. Avoid beverages like tea and coffee.

3. Avoid milk and milk-based products.

4. Avoid high fat foods.

5. Eat organic fresh vegetables and fruits.

Digestive disorders are the red signals…

Digestive disorders are the warning signs that something is wrong in your digestive system and some cases even a red signal for life threatening chronic diseases. You therefore should not neglect these warning signs and take remedial measures to restore your digestive imbalance quickly. This is very important to restore your hormonal imbalances and your fertility.

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