Can Too Much Exercise Cause Male Infertility?

One of the most common questions men ask when comes to male infertility is “Can too much exercise cause male infertility?

Or “Can excessive gymming cause male infertility”

So in this article I’ll let you know which type of exercises cause male infertility and which type of exercises increase male fertility.

In today’s world many men think that beefy biceps and six pack abs are considered signs of fitness for men.

But the scientific studies are proving that spending long hours in the gym and intake of anabolic steroids to build the muscle can cause male infertility.

Not knowing this fact…

Many men are spending long hours in the gym and using muscle building steroids and artificial protein shakes.

Remember! Using artificial hormones and powders suppresses natural hormones in your body and cause hormonal imbalance.

This will have serious impact on your sperm count and its mobility.

But here is the good news.

If you do a moderate exercises like walking and gentle running regularly you can enhance your sperm count and maintain your hormone balance.

So just to recap, two things you need to keep in your mind to protect your male fertility and hormone balance;

1. Completely cut down excessive gymming and use of artificial hormones and powders.

2. A regular moderate exercise is needed to protect your sperm health and fertility.

I hope that answers your question about “Can too much exercise cause male infertility?”

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