A Simple Diet To Increase Sperm Count In Male

If your hubby drinks alcohol very often the chances of getting pregnant come down dramatically. Low sperm count is a predominant factor in Male infertility.

But that is not all;


It is not the question of unable to conceive a baby alone but also leads to many other sexual problems.

If the sperm count is less than 15 million per milliliter of semen, he needs to take immediate corrective measures.sperm count increase food, Low Sperm Count, increase sperm count through diet, increase sperm count ayurveda diet

Diet to increase the sperm count;

A healthy diet plus regular exercise can improve situation substantially. Make sure his diet includes milk, whole egg, abundant vegetables, fruits and dry nuts.

Apart from the above, he needs to take regular supplements and avoid the alcohol consumption altogether.

These simple lifestyle changes can increase the sperm count and also its morphology and mobility.

Here are six ways to increase sperm count naturally;

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