Does Clomid Dry up Cervical Mucus?

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One of the most common questions women ask when they are trying get pregnant with Clomid is “Does Clomid dry up cervical mucus?”

So in this video you find answer to this question and I’ll reveal you the three important things you need to check in order to minimize risk of permanent infertility.

Cervical mucus is secreted by cervix.

Healthy cervical mucus looks like raw egg white fluid.

Fertile Cervical Mucus

“Fertile Cervical Mucus”, by Almondineverything, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Healthy cervical mucus is important for conception.

High doses of Clomid, allergic medications, anti depressants, vaginal douching can dry up your cervical mucus.

Here are the 3 important things you need to check….
1. Using a fertility-friendly lubricant is the simple solution for dying up cervical mucusFertility Lubricant
2. If you are aged woman it is better go for intrauterine insemination to minimize the risk of infertility.


“IUI”, by BruceBlaus, licensed under CC BY 2.0

3. Hormonal imbalance is root cause of all the fertility problems including drying up cervical mucus. Therefore it is better to focus on dietary and life style changes to protect your fertility.

So just to recap, the three things you need to know or follow if your cervical mucus is drying up 1. Use fertility friendly lubricant 2. Go for IUI if are aged woman 3. Shift your focus to change of diets and lifestyle changes. I hope that answers your question about “Does clomid dry up cervical mucus?”

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