The Correct Way Of Dealing Recurrent Miscarriages

Are you trying relentlessly to have a baby, but ending up with recurrent miscarriage?

This article is intended to help you to deal with recurrent miscarriages in a correct way.

Probably you are also wondering whether it is really possible to have a successful pregnancy naturally after two or three recurrent pregnancy losses.

This article tries to find an answer to this torturing question.

When Do We Call It As Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?

miscarriage, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, habitual abortion, recurrent pregnancy loss

If a woman suffers two or more miscarriages, we call it as recurrent miscarriage or habitual abortion or recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL).

If you experience this problem, I can understand the frustration and pain you’re experiencing as you are trying to have a baby. First, you need to clear your misconceptions as it lessens your sense of guiltiness.

Misconceptions About RPL

First, I want to clear your misconceptions and consequent painful emotions.

Misconception, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, habitual abortion, recurrent pregnancy loss, miscarriage

You need to be aware that none of the following activities cause you recurrent miscarriages.

  • Having a shock or fright during pregnancy.
  • Exercise during pregnancy.
  • Working that involves sitting or standing for long periods.
  • Having sex during pregnancy.
  • Traveling by air.
  • Eating spicy food.

Six silly misconceptions about recurrent miscarriages are busted

If that is the case, you may be thinking that what is the actual cause of recurrent miscarriages. Take a look at the following paragraph…

The Causes Of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

In majority cases, the actual cause of miscarriage is not known. Therefore, we call this condition as unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss. 50% to 75 % of cases of recurrent miscarriages are unexplained.

In other cases, here are some of the causes…

  • Chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Endocrine disorders.
  • Immunological factors.
  • Ovarian factors.

Causes Of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, miscarriage, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, habitual abortion, recurrent pregnancy loss

Treatment For Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

In general, your Doctor will do all the tests but cannot find anything with you. Some of the doctors even insist you go for IVF without finding out the reasons for miscarriage.

If your Doctor finds out the exact cause of recurrent pregnancy loss, you can just go to their treatment to deal with such specific problem.

Treatment For Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, miscarriage, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, habitual abortion, recurrent pregnancy loss

Here what you have to understand that if you can find out the root cause and treat it you will be cured completely.

Let us face the facts…

Modern medicine is based on symptoms. It can’t go to the root cause of the problem.

Because of this, first, let us know the complications associated with recurrent pregnancy loss. This will help you find the root cause of the problem.

Complications Associated With Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

miscarriage, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, habitual abortion, recurrent pregnancy loss

It has been scientifically proved that recurrent miscarriage is a precursor to heart problems and ovarian cancer. Take a look at the following excerpts….

“If we consider women who experience repeated pregnancy losses to be at high risk for cardiovascular disease, then the take-home message is that the known modifiable risk factors of cardiovascular disease should be controlled in these women, even when they are young and have no symptoms of heart disease,” Go here

Multiple Miscarriages Are Associated with the Risk of Ovarian Cancer: Results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition…. Go here

Two major complications associated with recurrent miscarriages and what they reveal

Pay close attention here.

Going by these studies and complications linked with repeated miscarriages, you have to realize that your health is being deteriorated at the cellular level and affecting all parts of the body…

Doctors may suggest treatments like IVF/IUI for your problem. However, considering this deep-rooted problem it is wise to counter this problem from its root.

The underlying cause of recurrent miscarriage that no Doctor will tell you

I want you to understand this….

If you are having difficulty in conceiving, you may consider assisted conception methods like IVF. Here you have no problem of conceiving and the problem is that you’re unable to carry the pregnancy till its end.

That being the case, the option of IVF not wise to solve your problem.Hence, logically the correct option is rooting out the problem naturally so that a right environment will be created for the fetus to grow fully…

The Best Treatment For Recurrent Miscarriages

Pregnancy Loss Treatment, miscarriage, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, habitual abortion, recurrent pregnancy loss

In view of the above circumstances explained, it is better to deal recurrent miscarriages working in tune with your body holistically.

Progesterone suppositories are highly recommended after you find that you are pregnant. Start meditation and light exercises, shift to healthy wholesome diets. Last but not least stay hopeful expecting wonders your life brings.

Why this is the best treatment for recurrent miscarriages

Recurrent pregnancy losses are an indication of something is going wrong in your body and warranting your attention and corrective measures. Instead of opting for invasive procedures, it is better to shift to natural methods for complete healthy transformation.

Family support and lots of love from friends and relatives calm down anxiety and allow your body to heal naturally on its own. All is well and loads of baby dust to you.

Recurrent Miscarriages, recurrent pregnancy loss, habitual abortion, Causes Of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, Treatment For Recurrent Miscarriages

Are you scared that you’re never going to be a mom?

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