Short Luteal Phase : What You Need to Know

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One of the most common questions that I see in various fertility forums is about short luteal phase.

So in this article, I’m going to answer the following three frequently asked questions about short luteal phase…

Short luteal phase: motherhood killer

  1. What Is a short luteal phase and what is the risk?
  2. What causes short luteal phase?
  3. How to correct a short luteal phase?

First, let me answer the first question….

1. What Is a short luteal phase and what is the risk?

Luteal phase is a part of your menstrual cycle.  It is the second half of the menstrual cycle in which the fertilized egg implants in your uterus. Luteal phase is, therefore, playing a very important role if you are trying to conceive.

Short Luteal Phase


The menstrual period of a healthy woman is 28 days.  The first 14 days is called as follicular phase and the second 14 days is called as the luteal phase.

Healthy luteal phase is key to new life:

During the luteal phase, fantastic things will happen in the life of a woman.  The essence of women in the form of ovum is released.  While you enjoying the baby dance the sperm from your better half will be released in search of its counterpart the ovum.  The sperm and the ovum meet in the fallopian tube and combine together that we refer as fertility. The new life i.e fertilized egg begins its journey towards the uterus and implants in the uterus lining. That is how a new life begins its growth.

Luteal phase decides your motherhood:

So the luteal phase is a very momentous time period in the life of a woman. This time period decides whether you’re going to become a mom or not.

In general, the luteal phase lasts for 12 to 17 days. In case the luteal phase is less than 12 days we call it as a short luteal phase. Women having a short luteal phase may likely to suffer miscarriage.

Progesterone hormone key to uterus lining:

Here you must know one very important thing.  Just by conception pregnancy doesn’t happen.  Pregnancy happens when the fertilized egg goes to the uterus and gets implanted.  If you want this to happen properly your body must be creating enough progesterone.  The progesterone hormone is the key to build thickened healthy lining in the uterus.

Short luteal phase may cause miscarriage:

If your luteal phase is less than 10 days it simply means that your body is not producing enough progesterone. It also means your uterus lining is too thin to get implanted.  In this situation, it is unlikely that you get pregnant.  Even if you get pregnant there is a higher chance of a miscarriage.

Now let me discuss the second frequently asked question…

2. What causes short luteal phase?

Now you know what the short luteal phase is and the risk with it.  If you’re a woman trying to conceive or experiencing miscarriage you must know what is causing this short luteal phase.

The link between short luteal phase and progesterone:

There may be many causes for short luteal phase.  However, the immediate cause of the short to luteal phase is inadequate progesterone levels. Your doctor will be able to check the progesterone levels and the length of your luteal phase.  So go to your doctor immediately after your ovulation.  Because this is the right time to test your progesterone levels.

Short luteal phase and the root cause:

Now you know the immediate cause of the short luteal phase, but the question is what the root cause of this short luteal phase is.  Here you must realize that the issue before you is relating to the hormonal problem.  Many factors will contribute to the hormonal problems.  Obesity may cause your hormonal problem.  Not eating nutritious foods may result in the hormonal problem.  Excessive exercises may cause the hormonal problem.  Even day-to-day stress can disturb your hormonal system.

In order to correct short luteal phase you must, therefore, aim to improve your overall health.  Now let us discuss what you can do immediately to correct this problem…

3. How to correct a short luteal phase?

You may correct your short luteal phase with few vitamins and supplements. Here are the few of them that you can try benefit and see the results quickly.

Vitamin B6:

Increasing your intake of B6 can help lengthen the luteal phase of your cycle and regulate blood sugar levels, making it incredibly helpful for many hormonal conditions that affect the body. Recommended combined daily amounts for B vitamins (there are multiple B vitamins) is between 100 and 200 mg per day. Read more

Progesterone supplementation or Creme:

One of the most common treatments for lengthening a woman’s luteal phase is to use a progesterone cream. Found over the counter, natural progesterone cream should be used twice a day on the inner arm, inner thigh, or neck after ovulation has occurred until the period begins. 

Vitamin C:

A study in Fertility and Sterility showed that vitamin C improves hormone levels and increases fertility in some women with luteal phase defect. During the study, 25% of the women who received vitamin C had gotten pregnant within 6 months compared to the placebo group in which 11% were pregnant in the same time period. Foods rich in vitamin C are Papaya, bell peppers, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, strawberries and oranges. Read more


So just to recap, the healthy luteal phase is very important for healthy pregnancy. You can lengthen your luteal phase with few vitamins and supplements as we discussed above.  But improving the overall health is very important to correct all the fertility problems that you have been facing.

I hope this article answered all your questions relating to short luteal phase.

What is the takeaway from this article?

Healthy luteal phase is the key to your conception.

Remember this…

Fighting infertility and saving the womanhood is your responsibility.

Doctors at the most manage the symptoms for a while.

So don’t hand over your responsibility to the Doctors completely.

Take the following three Steps to counter the acts of these enemies…

1. Take the vitamins and supplements to balance the hormones and bring cycle regularity.

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2. Get rid of toxins from your body to restore reproductive health

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3. Leverage fertility window by monitoring the ovulation

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Finally Realize this truth…

There is better way to deal with infertility problem…

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