This is the REAL Reason Why Your Fertility Treatment is Not Working

I believe that you have a strong intention of becoming a mother. Otherwise, you wouldn’t attract to this page. I could clearly feel your determination and foresee your motherhood. This blog post will answer your long unanswered question ” Why my fertility treatment is not working”? ….

I have been repeatedly using the following analogy to describe the modern treatment.

Modern infertility treatment is like sailing in a boat without pulling up the anchor and obviously, you can’t go anywhere…

Please read this analogy…

“Modern treatment is like sailing in a boat without pulling up the anchor and obviously, you can’t go anywhere…” Suzi Ben

First, you need to understand what I’m trying to convey through this analogy. This will help you understand the limitations of the modern medicine when treating the chronic diseases.

When I say sailing the boat what I’m referring here is about your conscious mind and its efforts to get pregnancy. Your conscious mind is thinking that without becoming a mother your life will be incomplete and therefore you are trying the modern treatment.

The anchor I have referred above is your subconscious mind.

Your thoughts, emotions and actions are mostly driven by your subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind believes that something is wrong in your body and it is  difficult for you to get pregnant, so the chances of getting pregnant reduced considerably… (This is what we refer as “nocebo effect”)

So, first and foremost thing you need to do is reprogram your wrong beliefs and change the subconscious mind. Without doing this no matter what you do with your conscious mind, you won’t see significant results.


Your subconscious mind and your conscious mind are going in two opposite directions. While your conscious mind desiring to get pregnancy, your subconscious mind believing that something is wrong with your body and getting pregnancy may be difficult. This is the real reason why getting pregnancy becomes very hard for you..

Now please read the analogy once again…

Modern treatment (Your conscious mind efforts) is like sailing in a boat (taking the treatment) without pulling up the anchor (without changing your subconscious mind belief that something is wrong with your body) and obviously, you can’t go anywhere (getting pregnancy is difficult for you)Suzi Ben

And finally this is my promise…

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