These 10 Real Success Stories Teach You How to Get Pregnancy Miraculously

The thought of never becoming a mom shocks every woman. Then they will realize how desperately they want to have kids.

Take a look at the following words;

“It took 4 years, 4 REs, 9 IUIs, 5 IVF cycles, 4 donors, 11 embryos and 2 miscarriages before I held my son in my arms.”

What it clearly shows that how a woman undergoes a traumatic life for years to have a kid.

No one can really understand their agony and frustration. They may not express everything to everyone. They bury their emotions deep down in their heart.

Unfortunately, modern medicine doesn’t have answers to their questions. No doctor can fully assure whether their treatment works or not

The infertility sufferers have no alternative but to depend on doctors enduring repeated BFNs.

Every one of us is made to believe that modern medicine is based on science and whereas alternative therapies are not based on science and therefore not dependable…

Whether the above statement is true?

I will get into this point at the end of this article….

First, take a look into the following real fertility success stories…Pay serious attention to this article as it may change your mind and your life.

Let us dive into the first story…

Fertility Success Story-1: Holiday

Her chances of conceiving are very slim...want to go for IVF. Gone for a holiday. A miracle happened.

‘As you can see from these statistics,’ she pointed to a paper in front of her, ‘your chances of conceiving are very slim, even with assistance.
I administered my last dose and went on a long end of the summer holiday in Marmaris and Antalya with my husband. We had agreed that we would come back and start the IVF protocol.

We didn’t talk about babies, just swam and lay in the sun. I also drank margaritas daily, iced coffees every morning and chucked out my ovulation sticks. I took a break from it all and apart from the daily vitamin, refused to think about it.

I came home and realized that I missed my period. I took a test. And after one year of trying, yes, it was positive. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe my eyes. As he swung me around the room my husband and I cried tears of joy

The essence of the story: Energy body is activated

The secret of success: Activated energy body healed the reproductive system

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Fertility Success Story- 2: Meditation

They lived infertility for 12 years. Invested over $200,000. Their chances are less than 1%… What they did is nothing short of a miracle. Katie and her husband Alex navigated “infertility” for 12 years. They invested over $200,000 hiring world renowned specialists (both eastern and western), including acupuncture for fertility, artificial insemination (IUI), and many in vitro sessions (IVF).

Numerous reproductive endocrinologists suggested that they get an egg donor, assuring them that the chance of getting pregnant – either naturally or within vitro (IVF) – was less than 1%!!!

I lead a meditation into the underworld of the subconscious mind, where each woman has an opportunity to meet The Maiden, Mother and Crone archetypes within. During this meditation, The Crone, symbolizing the wise sagacious you, gives you a symbolic gift. For Katie, this gift was an egg.

No fertility drugs, no artificial insemination (IUI), no in vitro (IVF), no egg donor… simply relaxed, free, inspirited good ol’ fashion lovemaking in a STATE of Supreme Influence, flow, clear intention, and non attachment  AND… Bamm! Supreme Baby is now on the way.

The essence of the story: Energy body is activated

The secret of success: Activated energy body heals the reproductive system

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Fertility Success Story-3: Hypnosis 

After 7 years of heartbreaking efforts to try to conceive… tried a radical approach before they go for IVF…finally it happened.

After years of heartbreaking efforts to try to conceive, Louise Cheshire was at her wits’ end and feared she’d never become a mum.

But then she tried a radical new approach – by being hypnotized into believing she was pregnant.

And to the astonishment of Britain’s top gynecologists, Louise, 36, is now a proud mom to a baby girl.

“We were going to try IVF but I thought hypnosis was worth one last try.

“It helped me quit smoking years ago and I just thought it was worth a shot. I never expected it to work but after just one session I felt much more positive and calm.

“Russell basically hypnotized me into believing I was pregnant and would have a baby.

“Four weeks later Ian and I went away for the weekend and a few days later I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I was thrilled.
The essence of the story: The power of belief and expectation can reverse the imbalance.

The secret of success: a restful state can balance and revive your reproductive health.

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Fertility Success Story- 4: kinesiology

After 4 years of trying to conceive, and one failed IVF attempt …combined the alternative method with IVF and their dreams come true.

After 4 years of trying to conceive, and one failed IVF attempt, I began to explore kinesiology in an effort to understand why my body (despite having no obvious fertility issues) was blocking conception. I was at this point extremely stressed mentally over the situation and as I was now over 40, I was feeling pressure on all fronts. Finding Erin was a god-send, and through our sessions that followed, I became at ease mentally and released the blocks that were preventing pregnancy, allowing a second IVF attempt to work! I credit Erin and Kinesiology hugely in this process, and in helping relieve quite severe morning sickness throughout the pregnancy itself. Post-partum was also challenging, but again with the help of kinesiology, I worked through the underlying issues causing me problems. I still maintain regular sessions with Erin and consider Kinesiology a mainstay resource for my mental and physical health.

The essence of the story: Energy body is activated

The secret of success: Activated energy body heals the reproductive system

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Fertility Success Story- 5: Feminism

After having failed to conceive, joined the feminist movement and become busy. But her body did its job. Yes! Finally conceived.
I now became the tigress, an animal that I had always silently admired and yet I was not so sure of how I could confidently display the tigress in me. I was now proud to be described as a maverick, who would not dance to the beat of anyone’s drum. People began appreciating me as a woman that was courageous, strong, and authoritative and one who was not easily influenced by the opinions of others. At times because of my impulsive nature, I was unpredictable and a daring force and up to date, I definitely stand out in a crowd. For all intents and purposes, I became an extremely confident woman who ferociously and persistently worked to attain both her personal and professional goals.

Having attained that delicate balance in my life, at a personal level, in 2000 I conceived, after having failed for many years and in February 2001, I gave birth to a healthy bouncing boy.

The essence of the story: Active and positive life can activate the self-healing capacity and restore the body’s balance.

The secret of success: Body can heal itself if you have strong expectation and belief

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Fertility Success Story- 6: Yoga

She tried everything. Losing hope. As a last ditch effort tried an ancient method. And to her shocking conceived when she was 42…

Breathing in plenty of fresh air will flood the cells with oxygenated blood through exercises like nature walks, yoga, tai chi and qi gong. Natural light is also necessary for a healthy conception—lack of vitamin D is linked to infertility in men.

YOGA! I believe that eating well and YOGA helped me conceive my now one year old at 42!

The essence of the story: Yoga plus right diet helped her to get pregnant.

The secret of success: Yoga influences the body, mind, and energy and activates inner pharmacy and restores the balance

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Fertility Success Story-7: Reflexology

She was not ovulating. Tried Clomid cycles. She was about to go for hormone injections and ovarian drilling….but tried a simple method and the result is unbelievable….

I had been trying to conceive for approximately two and a half years and blood tests showed that I was not ovulating at all. I was referred to Exeter fertility unit where I was diagnosed with classic polycystic ovaries and put on a course of Clomaphine. I had two cycles of various strengths and was told that it was not working. I was about to have a series of hormone injections and ovarian drilling when I decided to try reflexology. I proceeded to have five treatments in total and just before my sixth treatment because things felt different I decided to take a pregnancy test. To our surprise and delight, we found that I was in fact pregnant…..KATHRYN

The essence of the story: Intention plus a state of restfulness.

The secret of success: a restful state can revive your reproductive health.

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Fertility Success Story- 8: Cleanse

They don’t want to try IVF. But tried a simple health tip. Within a few months, it happened which they never believed …

We were not prepared to go the route of fertility treatments or IVF, and had resigned ourselves to the attitude “whatever happens, happens…”. We figured if it was meant to be, it would work out but if not, we were prepared to resign ourselves to the fact that we would just never have children.

I decided to give the Fertility Cleanse a try as kind of a last-ditch effort. After my next cycle ended, I began the cleanse. I finished the cleanse and figured that I must not have gotten a full month supply, as I was out of capsules and tea but my period hadn’t come yet. (By this time I had stopped watching my cycle closely, we had kind of given up on timing things and ‘trying’ anymore.) Upon looking at the calendar and date of my last period I suddenly realized – my period was already one week late!!! This NEVER happened. Still not believing I could be pregnant, I went out and bought a pack of pregnancy tests and lo and behold – PREGNANT!!! I ended up taking every test in the box and even buying a second box before I could let myself believe it was true.

The essence of the story: Fertility cleanse awaked body healing capacity and that resulted in pregnancy.

The secret of success: the focus of any fertility treatment should be on restoring the body balance

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Fertility Success Story-9: Vitex

She wasn’t pregnant for 4 years. Tried these fruits and oil and after two weeks she was pregnant. When doctors failed these fruits fulfilled her dream.

My SO and I have been TTC since 2012 with only 1 chemical from the first month trying. Prior to meeting him I was in a 3 year relationship without any success so naturally I believed something was wrong with me anyway because my cycles did what it wanted but Gyno’s told me everything was fine. THEN WHY WASN’T I PREGNANT! So I did research and watched youtube videos like a maniac. I came across Vitex which is a natural herb you buy at any vitamin store. THANK YOU JESUS. That thing worked wonders by normalizing my cycles! They went from 36-42+ days apart to about 25 and gave me strong Ovulation twinges. Yay. But after a few months still not pregnant. I then used it with Dong quai and evening primrose oil to get my cervical mucus going because I had none! Because I’m impatient I added the icing on the cake… PRESEED. Anyway the day I felt the Ovulation twinges I confirmed it with a Clearblue smiley and BD once, put the pillow under my hip after he was done and I also played with myself for the extra orgasm and contractions which pulls the sperm in……. 2 weeks later PREGNANT.. first appt… TWINS… And twins are not in our family… I’m so blessed and hope I helped somebody!

The essence of the story: nutritional deficiency causes an imbalance in the body and proper supplements can restore the balance

The secret of success: proper nutrition and supplements can restore homeostasis

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Fertility Success Story- 10: Prayer/meditation

‘I had tried to conceive and it didn’t work.’ ‘I prayed and followed an ancient health method. Guess what happened…

The essence of the story: Meditation helped her to get pregnant.

The secret of success: With meditation, you can go deep into your energy system and unblock the energy flow… The energy blocks are the root cause of all your infertility problems

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You just learned how some women get pregnant easily with natural methods. And that means you can now reconsider various natural therapies and benefits from them confidently.

The whole point of this blog post was to make you realize simple facts which modern medicine is completely ignoring and risking your motherhood…

Here are the facts

Fact #1:

The human body is a fully integrated system and its health depends on the principle of homeostasis (balance). Whenever the body homeostasis is out of balance, you will get the disease.


The only way to recover from the disease is restoring the homeostasis. You can restore homeostasis only by dietary and lifestyle changes.

Modern medicine is incapable of restoring your body balance…

The reason is simple… Even a child can understand this logic…

Modern medicine deals with the suppression of symptoms only… It can’t deal with diet, change of wrong beliefs …

Body imbalance comes from incorrect diets and incorrect beliefs …

What is the takeaway from this blog post…

Trying to conceive without restoring body balance is like sailing in a boat without pulling up its anchor and you can’t go anywhere…

Your focus, therefore, should be on restoring your body balance but not getting conception…

Let me quote a couple of famous quotations in support of my point…

Treating your Symptoms is a Recipe for Disaster MARK HYMAN, MD

Drugs never cure disease. They merely hush the voice of nature’s protest and pull down the danger signals she erects along the pathway of transgression. Daniel. H. Kress, M.D.

The thrust of the orthodox pharmaceutical agenda is to provide temporary relief, while never addressing the cause of the disease condition. Ken Adachi in Forbidden Cures

So don’t risk your fertility depending on modern medicine alone. Explore alternative therapies. Restore your body balance. Your body rewards you with kids.

Why can't I get pregnant

And finally realize this truth…

Modern treatment is symptomatic and therefore it can relieve symptoms but it can’t root out the real cause of your hormonal imbalance and fertility problems. That is the reason trying to get pregnancy becomes so hard for you. It is not your failure. It is the modern treatment failure.

Pregnancy happens when your body is in balance. There are only three ways you can restore balance, reverse infertility and conceive fast.

1. Recalibrate your BODY (through right foods)
2. Recalibrate your MIND (through right thoughts)
2. Recalibrate your ENERGY (through right lifestyle practices)

This is by far the easiest, the fastest and the cheapest way to deal with your infertility problem.
The reason being you are leveraging your body, mind and energy. You can do this. In fact you can alone do this. Your doctors can’t do this.

Even though the solution is simple many women mess up and eventually fail
. The main reason for their failure is lack of a proven and simplified system that is easy to follow.

The 3 Step fertility code

Considering all the above facts we have created the 3 step fertility code program.

The 3 step fertility code is the only system that intelligently blends western science and eastern wisdom

The 3 step fertility code helps you to get pregnancy even if you are failing, aged and giving up.

A unique 3 step system designed to fix your body, mind and energy imbalance
…that rejuvenates your reproductive organs and makes your uterus ready for conception…and a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

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10 Real Stories Teach You How To Get Pregnant