How Mindfulness Help You Reduces Stress and Restore Fertility

We really battle stress from all sides.

If we carry around all the things we have to worry about, our mind never gets a break. That’s why so many people are completely burned out, feeling down and stressed to the point of panic attacks or needing medication.

This kind of worrying steals away any chance of joy or relaxation in our day. You probably know how it goes: you’re sitting at your desk at work, stressed about a deadline, and also about a disagreement with your partner, and some tension you’re feeling with a coworker, and the company party you’re supposed to attend tonight…

Being infertile made you realize how much you desperately want kids….you just cry alone because sometimes you felt that you can’t handle it any more..You often feel alone in this struggle of life

Constantly carrying all of these thoughts and continuously feeling stressed leads to:

  • Restless sleep
  • A racing mind
  • Low energy
  • Feeling irritable
  • Feeling defensive
  • Getting angry easier
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety life
  • Headaches, body aches, migraines
  • Tight shoulders and back pain
  • Depression
  • And various fertility problems…

As you can see, trying to keep everything on your mind leads to all kinds of problems, resulting in lower productivity and deterioration of health and fertility problems.

Reducing the stress is a MUST to restore your fertility

Stress is caused when you are stuck with the painful past or when you stuck with fear about the future. Simply you are living the past (already happened) or living future (something terrible may happen). When you live in past or future you are losing the presence. You are losing the joy of today.

Realize this truth…

Your body and brain wasn’t made to handle constant stress. It’s so much healthier to be present and put aside the past or future thoughts.

Being mindful and present will allow you to get absorbed in what you’re doing, give it your full attention so you can do better, and you’ll feel clearer and mentally energized.

Challenge yourself to be mindful in one activity a day: a walk, making a craft, writing, drawing, singing, or something else you enjoy.

See how it feels to let yourself be fully present with that one thing and not having thoughts about anything else. And then see how you feel the rest of the day.

Practice mindfulness

Being mindful and present lowers your stress levels and also centers you, bringing many health benefits.

You might notice that you’re calmer after practicing mindfulness, your head feels more clear and focused, you’re more energized, and more vibrant.

Being mindful greatly benefits your mind, and that in turn benefits your body and overall health.

People who practice being mindful have higher brain function, an increased immune function, lower blood pressure, lower anxiety levels, and are more calm.

We’ve heard this for years, but experts were talking about meditation and yoga. Both of those are ways to be mindful and give you extraordinary health benefits. But it takes long time to see the benefits. Mindfulness is a simple skill to learn and get the benefit quickly .

Proof. Mindfulness work

Studies have found that mindfulness helps people with chronic illness-even terminal illness.

I can see why being in the moment more would help someone enjoy life day by day. Research has found that mindfulness helps cancer patients reduce stress while relieving fatigue.

Mindfulness helps people handle their emotions regarding their illness.

Mindfulness helps you to fight your fertility

We’ve talked about some big areas where mindfulness helps. To zoom in a bit, here’s a list of more specific ways that being mindful improves our lives:

  • Better mental health
  • Less stress at work
  • Better emotional regulation
  • Less problems with alcohol and drugs
  • Less depression and anxiety
  • Better performance at work
  • Better relationships
  • Better self awareness
  • Less burnout
  • Better able to cope with ups and downs

Is mindfulness too hard?

You believe it can help you, but you still don’t do it consistently.

Maybe you’ve had a streak of doing it for 2 weeks every day, but something comes up and you stop doing it for some reason.

And you feel guilty.

Up until recently, the only way to overcome this resistance was to power through.

To have enough will power.

But there is a better way.

Greg Thurston has a powerful method to feed your mind with calm, focus, and clarity in a way that’s fast and immediately enjoyable.

This technique takes the effort and struggle out of the equation…

So you completely avoid “Mental Resistance”, but still get all the stress reduction and brain transformation.

Simple 7 minute technique that change your life…

Imagine what it would feel like to have mind that is as calm as water? Where stress and anxiety couldn’t sabotage your fertility anymore.

And all it required was a super simple 7 minute technique…

I think being mindful is must skill to learn that protect your health and fertility…

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