3 Ways to Treat Hyperprolactinemia Naturally

3 Ways to Treat Hyperprolactinemia Naturally

Are you suffering a strange problem of sore boobs and leaky nipples? Are you failed to conceive even after lowering high prolactin levels? Do you suffer multiple miscarriages? If your answer is YES… You may have a serious problem with hyperprolactinemia. Perhaps, your doctor recommended Bromocriptine or Cabergoline to reduce high prolactin levels. I think, … Read more3 Ways to Treat Hyperprolactinemia Naturally

Four Step System To Treat High Prolactin Levels

Women with high levels of prolactin have twice the risk of breast cancer– and you’ll never even know this fact.  prolactin and breast cancer risk

It’s shocking, isn’t it? And the worst part is that Elevated Prolactin Linked to Multiple MISCARRIAGES. It can also interrupt your MENSTRUAL CYCLE AND OVULATION. Perhaps this is what you are facing today. ncbi.nlb.nih.gov

But fortunately, you can fight it back. You can protect yourself from high prolactin levels by addressing the root cause of the disease with dietary and lifestyle changes…(Pills can’t do that)

So the main goal of your treatment should be the elimination of root cause but not getting pregnant. (Pregnancy happens, once you eliminate the root cause)

And all you have to do is follow the 4 step system to treat your high prolactin levels.

Before we get into this system first get back to some facts…

Can you conceive with high prolactin levels…

One question frequently asked me is “can I conceive with high prolactin levels?”

Whenever I see such questions, I can feel the pain and mental trauma you’re going through. I wish you didn’t have to go through that. But modern medicine fails to find out the right treatment for you. No wonder you’re upset and yet you don’t want to give up your hope of giving birth to your beloved child. It is a dream of every woman and therefore it shouldn’t be denied to you.

Coming back to this question” Can I conceive with high prolactin levels” my answer would be ”yes you can” provided if you understand and take corrective steps yourself without fully depending on the modern medicine.

FYP - Are you struggling to conceive with high prolactin levels

Treat the disease also… Not just symptoms…

Please realize this fact…

Modern medicine only focuses on managing the symptoms but it can’t completely remove the disease from your body. What it simply means is that the underlying disease keeps growing and manifest into different forms…

It is scary but I must tell it…

You have a risk of infertility and miscarriages. You know this. But probably what you may not know is this. When the underlying disease becomes chronic, you’re prone to all sorts of diseases. It creates problems with all other systems of your body. Elevated prolactin levels also linked to breast cancer. So…the point is simple. If you only manage the symptoms without addressing its root cause you may prone to life-threatening diseases.

Because of this…

Your attention must be shifted to treating the root cause of the disease with dietary and lifestyle changes. Realize this fact. All the chronic diseases including high prolactin levels…. ovary dysfunction… irregular cycles… mood swings, depression and anxiety… lactation / Leaky nipples are caused by improper diets and stressful mind.

Unlike modern medicine, alternative therapies only focus on eliminating the disease. In view of these facts, I request you not to brush aside natural therapies.

In this article, you will discover a four-step system that cures high prolactin levels naturally in the shortest possible time.

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