Insane Treatment To Lower High Prolactin That Your Dr Won’t Tell

Are you not getting pregnant with high prolactin levels?

I think you have been taking bromocriptine. For some women, Bromocriptine causes a host of side effects including vomiting, headache and back pain.

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If you are also suffering from these side effects and searching for alternatives, this article will help you reduce your high prolactin levels and get pregnant naturally.

Read this article till the end as I am revealing terrible facts that affect your life. Because your Doctor doesn’t tell you these things.

Effects Of High Prolactin Levels

Prolactin is a hormone that stimulates and maintain milk secretion in a woman who is breastfeeding her child.

In a healthy woman who is not pregnant, the prolactin levels should be low. If the prolactin level is high, it interrupts your menstrual cycle and ovulation and leads to infertility.

If you are with high prolactin levels, perhaps you’re experiencing the symptoms of sore boobs and leaking nipples. Now let us know the cause of high prolactin and its symptoms.

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Cause Of High Prolactin Levels

In general, your Doctor prescribes you either Dostinex or Bromocriptine to lower high prolactin levels. Read more

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Did you know what these drugs are?

These drugs are used to treat Parkinson’s disease, ADHD, and pituitary tumours, etc.. Read more

You may be wondering why your Dr is giving you these drugs which are meant for treating neurological disorders.

That means high prolactin levels a kind of neurological disorder?

It is a kind of…

“Patients with hyperprolactinemia often present with emotional difficulties. These occasionally persist even after successful treatment…prolactin acts upon the central nervous system and variations in its concentrations do affect mood, emotions and behavior…there is wide agreement that patients with hyperprolactinemia present with an unusal prevalence of depressive disorders…depressed mood, loss of interest in unusual pleasures, decreased libido and irritability predominate” Read more

“So High prolactin levels a symptom of anxiety and depression and It affects both men and women.”

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The effects of high prolactin levels on men include low testosterone, low sperm count and volume, low libido, breast tenderness and male lactation. Read more

The Real Cause Of High Prolactin Levels

So high prolactin level is linked to the low production of dopamine…

Now the question is how to fix this problem and restore fertility and natural health that I’m going to discuss here.

How To Treat High Prolactin Levels Naturally

The best way to treat high prolactin levels is by increasing the dopamine that reduces your high prolactin level. Read more

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First, you understand what dopamine is.

Dopamine is a pleasure giving chemical in your body. Whenever you achieve something, you feel elated because dopamine is released in your body naturally…

What it means to you…

You have to live  each and every moment joyfully

The more you live joyfully, the more dopamine released into your body.

So here is what this means to you…

There is no need for drugs like Dostinex or Bromocriptine…

These drugs are also given to stimulate dopamine…

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Make your daily chores pleasurable so that your body is filled with dopamine naturally and as a result, your prolactin levels will be reduced automatically.

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For example,

Take a look at the following video in which you will know how to make a so-called stressful activity into the most pleasurable activity. That is the transformation you required.

Apart from changing the perceptions of your life, you need to take care of your diet.

There is a link between gluten and high prolactin levels. So shift to gluten-free foods. Also, take Chasteberry, which is also proven to reduce your high prolactin levels.

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High Prolactin Levels More Than A Fertility Problem

High prolactin levels indicate an underlying endocrine and hormonal problem in your body. It means, apart from the infertility problem, there is a high risk of liver and kidney problems.

Now you have come to a situation where you have to take the right decision to get pregnant and restore your health…

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Here are three choices for you.

1. Taking drugs like Dostinex or Bromocriptine.

2. Stopping the drugs altogether and turning to natural ways.

3. Slowly reducing the drugs and turning to natural ways.

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It is up to you.

Do you want to become a MOM finally?

High prolactin levels are a signal of damaging endocrine system. The mainstream treatment of Cabergoline or Bromocriptine can’t root out the disease. You have the risk of irreversible infertility and other chronic diseases.


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Here is how you can change your life…

Realize this truth…

There is a better way to deal with High prolactin levels…

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