The Chances of Getting Pregnant Checklist

The chances of getting pregnant Checklist

This Checklist That Slashes Your Permanent Infertility Risk

  1. Did I stop eating animal products and vegetable oils?
  2. Am I eating enough grains and vegetables?
  3. Am I exercising right?
  4. Am I focusing on hormone balance?
  5. Am I reprogramming my subconscious mind?
  6. Am I giving enough restfulness to my mind?
  7. Am I releasing feminine energy?
  8. Did I stop relying on only modern medicine?
  9. Am I leveraging my body, mind and energy?
  10. Am I following yogic techniques that balance my body mind energy?

Following the above Steps Will Help You Get Pregnant Even If You Are Failing, Aged and Giving Up.

Read my blog post 10 Reasons Why Getting Pregnancy Becomes Hard For You for more details the above 10 steps…

The 3 Step fertility code

Considering all the above 10 steps above we have created the 3 step fertility code program.

The 3 step fertility code is the only system that intelligently blends western science and eastern wisdom…

The 3 step fertility code helps you to get pregnancy even if you are failing, aged and giving up.

A unique 3 step system designed to fix your body, mind and energy imbalance…

…that rejuvenates your reproductive organs and makes your uterus ready for conception…and a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

Here are the 5 features of The 3 Step Fertility Code…

1. Miraculous body self healing Powers

What must you NEVER believe, even if your doctor tells you that…“Fault lies in your body and that is why you are not getting pregnant?” Here is the truth Your body is the most intelligent with miraculous healing powers and the fault lies with ineffectiveness of the modern medicine (almost every woman is guilty of this wrong belief, which instead of reversing your Infertility, weakens and destroys body’s natural ability to defend itself, thus putting their fertility health in serious risk. (We call it NOCEBO EFFECT)

2. Pregnancy magic in 90 days

The shocking truth about conventional infertility treatments and the medication trap…The fertility treatment goes on for 3 years; 4 years; 7 years……….. (no consistency and no guarantee)…and discover how you can stop sabotaging your chances of getting pregnancy and how you can finally protect your fertility naturally and become a mother in 90 days following holistic approach (optimizing the body, mind and energy) in your fertility treatment.

3. “Eat Nutricine” and restore hormone balance

The quickest, easiest way to restore your body balance fully is by following “What to eat and what not to eat” (The single most important hormone repairing, imbalance correcting affect that eliminate all your hormone related problems like excess androgen (PCOS), low AMH levels, high Prolactin levels, elevated estrogen levels (fibroids and endometriosis).

4. “Clear Mentra” to bring blissfulness in your life

Discover one important mindset change required, when changed can virtually dissolve all your infertility anxieties and worries (and almost all women suffer this mindset problem)…Here you learn about how to clear mental trauma embedded in your Sub conscious mind that is prohibiting your conception

5. “Practice Yoginty” to enhance fertility by 99%

When there is a blockage in sacral centre (pelvic center), the organs of reproductive system like ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes didn’t receive sufficient energy and result in all the fertility problems. Learn to unblock the energy flow and enhance chance of getting pregnancy by 99% With 30 Minutes of Joyful Activity Every day (Without drugs, pills, injections, shakes, powders or crazy diets and becoming financially broke)

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