Does Position And Timing Of Sex Really Matter In Getting Pregnant?

Does Position And Timing Of Sex Really Matter In Getting Pregnant?

Getting pregnancy and attaining the motherhood is an intuitive intention of every woman. Many women fulfill this dream naturally without any problem and however, for some women getting pregnancy becomes problematic and causes untold frustration in their lives.

There are many reasons, which might cause infertility in women and one of the common questions that arise in the minds of women is that does the position and timing of a sex really matters in getting pregnant? In this article, I tried to give a correct perspective on this issue so that all these doubts can be dispelled.

What’s the best position?

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Realistically, no one position is way ahead of the rest when it comes to getting pregnant. Having said that, some experts believe that you get the deeper penetration with the missionary position (with the man on top of the woman, face to face) can be best, giving the sperm a shorter swim to the cervix.

Is there a good position after sex?

Some women prefer to lie down after sex or even place a pillow under the hips to keep as much semen in the body as possible. This may have benefits if the sperm is of poor quality but again, this has not been positively proven. With each ejaculation, around 50 – 500 million sperm are released and it only needs around 400 to reach the egg to allow for a good chance of pregnancy.

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Any positions to avoid?

Sperm is designed to swim into the woman’s womb and fallopian tubes to reach the egg and that’s just what they do. Though some say you should avoid positions where the woman is upright to increase chances of the sperm being retained in the body.You can read the full article here…

If you want to understand the importance of sexual position and timing, you need to realize that there are three important factors that are responsible for getting pregnancy.


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In order to get pregnancy, an ideal condition is required i.e the egg and sperm must be fresh. This is understandable because if you cook the recipe with rotten ingredients, you will not get a delicious recipe. Conversely, the ingredients must be fresh in order to have a delicious recipe. Keeping this factor into consideration one has to ensure that the sperm and the egg are as fresh as possible at the time of copulation and this can be achieved by making the love at the time of ovulation.

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Sperm count:

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Another important factor to achieve the pregnancy is the ideal sperm count. In other words, if the sperm count is low the possibility of getting pregnancy reduces considerably. In order to improve the sperm count, one has to maintain abstinence for at least a couple of days prior to making love. By doing the simple thing the sperm can be improved and the chance of getting pregnancy increases a lot.

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The position of the sex and timing: Making love with missionary position is ideal to get the pregnancy as this position facilitates good proximity, and that allows the sperm reaching the egg very quickly.

Infertility is the result of multiple factors. The condition of infertility indicates you that your body is somehow not ideal for fertilization. Unless you prepare your body suitable for fertilization pregnancy doesn’t happen. You need to identify the root cause of infertility and address that problem in multidimensional approach. Before going for expensive treatments you must try natural safe procedures and practices to prepare the body condition ideal for fertilization.

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