10 Reasons Why Getting Pregnancy Becomes Hard For You

I know.

You have been struggling with infertility for many years. Perhaps you might have suffering with other hormonal related issues also.

The terrible thing about infertility treatment is its uncertainty of results and that scares every woman.

Being infertile make every woman realize how much they desperately want kids and cry alone unable to handle the social pressure.

Perhaps you’re worried whether stay hopeful are give up

Realize getting pregnant is not that hard.

Two things are crucial.

One is change of mindset and the second one is following a proven system and yogic techniques that I am revealing at the end of this article.

Before that here are the 10 reasons why getting pregnancy becomes hard for you.

1. You are not leveraging your body, mind and energy

First and foremost realize this fact…

You are not addressing the root cause of your infertility and that is why getting pregnancy becomes hard for you.

Root Cause of Hormone Imbalance

Pregnancy happens when you address the root cause and restore your body  balance. There are only three ways you can restore balance, reverse infertility and conceive fast.

1. Recalibrating your BODY (through right foods)
2. Recalibrating your MIND (through right thoughts)
3. Recalibrating your ENERGY (through right yogic techniques)

This is by far the easiest, the fastest and the cheapest way to fight with your infertility problem because you are leveraging your body, mind and energy. You can do this. In fact you can alone do this. Your doctors can’t do this.

2. You are eating more animal products and vegetable oils

Animal foods contain cholesterol, fat, with no starch, dietary fiber, or other essential sugars. It poisons your gut environment and disturbs gut microbes… Gut imbalance is the root cause of all hormonal imbalances.

Over feeding of high cholesterol is cause of obesity. Over fat in the body is cause of all metabolic diseases. Metabolic diseases aggravate hormonal problems.

3. You are not eating enough grains and vegetables

Grains are a great source of antioxidants and essential for preventing inflammation and chronic diseases.

Starches give you lots of energy and also low in fat with no cholesterol. They are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Starches are essential for your health.

Non-starchy vegetables and fruits provide important nutrients and therefore use as a side dishes to grain and starch based diets.

4. You are not exercising or not doing right exercises

Most of the time, we are sitting in a chair. For doing work we sit in the chair. For shopping we sit in the chair. For eating we sit in the chair. For watching television we sit in the chair.

According to a study, Americans sit an average of 13 hours every day. Study after study proving that if we sit more than half of a day, we are heading for chronic diseases. There is no surprise because our body is not designed to sit.

Health of your neural and endocrine system is a prerequisite to restore your hormone balance. Fertility problems are linked to endocrine disorders. Nervous system and endocrine system work in tandem to maintain your health.

5. You are focusing on getting pregnancy

You are focusing on getting pregnancy but not focusing on restoring your hormonal balance. This is like worrying about the fruit without working on the soil. The priority should be restoring hormonal balance but not getting pregnancy.

Every one of us knows that getting pregnancy is a natural process and no external support is required. But why the simple natural process becomes so hard for you.

The reason is that modern medicine focusing on getting pregnancy. When you are diagnosed with any of the hormonal related problems, the priority should be restoring hormonal balance but not getting pregnancy. Restoring hormonal balance is in your hands and it doesn’t take much time also.

So! Restoring hormonal balance is the easiest path in getting pregnancy. Trying to conceive without restoring hormonal balance is the hardest path and therefore getting pregnancy becomes so hard for you.

6. You’re not reprogramming your subconscious mind

Some women think that why they are for not getting pregnant when everything is normal. When things are not apparent their subconscious mind might have prohibiting their pregnancy.

Why you should recode your SCM?

1. The wrong beliefs are embedded in your subconscious mind.
2. All the stressful thoughts are triggered by your subconscious mind.
3. Unless you reprogram your subconscious mind, you don’t have control over your stress and anxiety in life.
4. You must take control of your stress and anxiety and release the stagnant energies. Otherwise you cannot completely cure hormonal imbalances and fertility problems.

There are the four important facts that all the doctors completely ignore…

7. You have embraced masculine traits

The concept of feminine energy and masculine energy is extensively discussed in ancient eastern philosophies. In the Chinese culture, this is referred as Yin Yang and in Indian culture it is referred as Shiva shakti.

In the contemporary world, women are trying to compete with men. They are becoming action and goal oriented; assertive and aggressive; competing with men in every walk of the life and they are successful also. These women can’t display masculine traits without carrying masculine energy.

If a woman carries too much masculine energy and display masculine traits she is blocking feminine energy. Consequently, her estrogen and progesterone levels are imbalanced.

8. You are not giving enough restfulness to your mind

A daily dose of restfulness is necessary to maintain and restore your health.

Here I’m not talking about a daily dose of sleep… What I’m talking is a daily dose of restfulness.

Sleeping and restfulness are two different things.

Restfulness is a state of quietness and this is an opposite state of tension. You can sit and be in a state of restfulness or in a state of tension. You can perform your work in a state of restfulness or in a state of tension.

Society has transformed women into doers and over achievers. They lead families, do jobs, head the businesses and expected to variety tasks and roles.

The cost of this transformation is that woman ending up with stress, frustration and exhaustion and eventually developing diseases like PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis and many other health and fertility problems.

The state of restfulness is essential to wake up the self healing capacity of your body.

9. You are blocking feminine energy

All the fertility problems are caused by imbalance in the hormones. Women who overly rely on masculine energy and underuse the feminine energy are bound to experience hormonal breakdown.

Stress and masculine traits are the main villains.

When you embrace and embody masculine activities you end up with stress and exhaustion. When you take up masculine activities, obviously your testosterone levels are raised in your body.

82% of women with excess androgens have PCOS and suffer with problems like infertility, acne and unwanted ugly hairs.

You are blocking our true qualities of loving, caring, and nurturing as you consider them as weak and undesirable. You are completely out of alignment with our feminine energy and that resulting in all sorts of hormonal imbalances.

10. You are not taking advantage of yogic techniques

  • You might have unresolved conflicts…
  • You might have relationship and sexual issues…
  • You might have self-esteem issues…
  • You might have financial issues…

So whatever the reason, anxiety and distress become part of our life…

  • Stress will affect your menstrual cycles…
  • Stress causes irregular cycles…
  • Stress will worsen premenstrual symptoms…

You suffer symptoms of cramping, fluid retention, bloating and mood swings…

Chronic stress will destroy your immunity system…

All these factors will affect your hormonal balance and fertility.

It is in this context yoga come to your rescue…

  • YES! You can increase fertility 3 times (Many times)…
  • YES! You can protect your fertility.
  • With 30 minutes of joyful activity every day.
  • Even If you are failing, aged and giving up!

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10 Reasons Why Getting Pregnancy Becomes Hard For You

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