Energy Exercises To Open Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally

Living life with a BLOCKAGE in Fallopian tubes and trying to get pregnant is not easy.

Even after unblocking the Fallopian tube there is no guarantee of success with pregnancy. The doctor may say there is no chance of natural conception and then you are left with only one option i.e, IVF.

The Saddest thing is IVF also doesn’t guarantee you success. I know many women who went through IVF miscarried because none of the treatments address the root cause of the problem.

When you start having more bad days than good, that’s when you know it’s time to make a change. That’s when you know it’s time to solve your problem with alternative therapies. And that’s exactly what you’re about to learn how to do. (I am also revealing the best strategy to get pregnant fast with blocked Fallopian tube)


I feel sad as your Fallopian tube is blocked. I know you are worried about surgery and therefore want to know whether any natural methods are there to unblock your Fallopian tubes. I can understand your pain and I am sure this article is written to educate you so that you can take an informed decision.

You see…

  • Blocked Fallopian tubes are responsible for 40% of infertility in women.

Fallopian tubal infertility is caused when both the Fallopian tubes are blocked. However, if the blockage is limited to one Fallopian tube, it may not affect fertility.

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10 Deadly Foods for Endometriosis That You Eat Everyday

It’s a frightening STATISTICS: Endometriosis is estimated to affect approximately one in ten women of reproductive age. That’s a lot of women with this problem, isn’t it? report…

And yet most women are not aware of these statistics. Another shocking study suggests a link between diet and risk of endometriosis. study…

So the fact is that Endometriosis is a serious problem with excruciating pain and host of other issues.

Fortunately, however, women like you don’t have to suffer from endometriosis if you know which foods cause it and which foods can cure the disease. (As you have seen above it is linked to diets.)

Now the question is which foods to avoid and which foods to take to get rid of endometriosis.

That’s what this article is about.

Read on…

Did you remember your last pain-free period?

Endometriosis pain is so horrible. Sometimes it hurts really bad even to poop. Living with endometriosis is like living hell.

Women with endometriosis appear to be normal. But privately, they cry a lot because they suffer both physical as well as emotional pain. No one can ever understand their suffering.

Menstrual pain is one thing. More than that the biggest worry that haunts  is the question of “whether I get pregnant or not”.

Some women even don’t go for treatment fearing doctors may declare them infertile.

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Foods That Cause Infertility And Foods That Are Healthy

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Foods That Cause Infertility. Avoid these Foods.

For the past 25 years, problems related to fertility are been on a rise. Most of the times, the reason behind this fertility problems have not been explained and irrespective of varied investigations, the doctors could not find the root of this problem. But, food on the other hand also influences the fertility issues. There are also some foods that possibly reduce your chance of getting pregnant and even cause miscarriages. A woman needs to build herself emotionally, physically, and mentally in order to have a baby. .

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Top 10 Tips To Get Pregnant Faster

Get Pregnant Faster

Fertility and pregnancy are the most complex biological phenomena in human beings. Apparently, we may not perceive the complexity of getting pregnant and giving childbirth. If you go deep into the issue, you will realize that reproductive system of the female is not an independent system. It works in coordination with other systems, including hormonal system.

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Increasing Fertility In Natural Ways For Both Men And Women

Increasing Fertility

How To Increase Fertility In Men And Women?

Nearly 30 % of males & 30 % of females are facing problems in conceiving a child. This article focuses on the problems and ways to deal with men and women’s fertility naturally and also the treatment for women who are over 40 years of age.

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Yoga Poses For Infertility Treatment In Women

Can you really be benefited from yoga poses when you are suffering from infertility issues?” Researchers are proved that…

Look at this attentively…

Yoga improves both female and male infertility by minimizing stress, which consecutively balances the hormones of the body with improvement in mental health; thereby increasing a couple’s ability to conceive.


Before you know how to benefit from yoga, let us discuss some important facts…

Fertility is one among many other issues…

This includes…

Heavy menstrual bleeding, uterine fibroids, blockage in fallopian tubes, miscarriage, PCOS, hypothyroidism, high prolactin levels, obesity, hair loss, acne etc…

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