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7 Ways To Turn Infertility Trauma into Fertility Triumph

This post was most recently updated on September 15th, 2017

You are anxiously waiting for the test results. But you are fearing this test also comes back negative. You can’t control your tears You just want to go back to your home and cry alone.

Did you?

It is absolutely frustrating when you see someone getting pregnant easily. But you are not lucky enough no matter what you are trying to do. Your doctors are unable to answer your simple questions.

I completely understand…

You’re usually confident, strong and positive but you’re feeling defeated because of your body is betraying you repeatedly. When the life seems to be unfair, everyone thinks so. But you can turn this infertility trauma into fertility triumph.

In this blog post, I’m going to reveal certain facts. So, you will learn that how fighting infertility naturally can bring miracles in your life.

Before I dive deep into this topic…

You must realize a couple of things. Wrong food choices coupled with stressful lifestyle is a top health concern in the United States and other Western countries. It is also proved that unmanaged stress could lead to chronic diseases.

Take a look at the following scientific studies…

New stats reveal 50% of Americans are battling chronic disease. Study finds that chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, stroke and kidney disease are the leading causes of death in the United States. USNews

That means…

Every one of us also prone to chronic and life-threatening diseases. In fact, Infertility is also a signal of deteriorating health. This realization and corrective measures you take can bring you a lot of luck that you never believed or imagined.

Shall we dive into…

7 Ways To Turn Infertility Trauma into Fertility Triumph

1.You can restore health

Others eat mouth-watering foods

The standard western diet that most people eat predominantly composed of processed foods and animal products. These foods are high in calories and low in nutrients. So, the modern eating habits, therefore cause to chronic diseases because of its acidic nature.

You eat body craving foods

Now you know the ill conscious of mouth-watering foods on your fertility. So you replace processed or manufactured foods with body craving foods like leafy greens, vegetables, and other natural foods. Vegetable-based diets are nutrient-rich and therefore nourish your body; restore hormonal balance; restore health. Realize that when you restore your health, you are also restoring your fertility.

2. You can prevent chronic diseases

Others eat fattening and sickening foods

Take a look at the following stats;

  • Total Sugar Intake Has Skyrocketed in The Past 160 Years…
  • Consumption of Soda and Fruit Juice Has Increased Dramatically
  • Calorie Intake Has Gone up by Around 400 Calories Per Day
  • People Are Eating More Processed Foods Than Ever Before

“The modern diet is the main reason why people all over the world are fatter and sicker than ever before. Everywhere modern processed foods go, chronic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease soon follow.” Read more

You eat beautifying and healthifying foods

The human body is like a machine. If you provide the right fuel, it will last longer. your body is not designed for modern foods and therefore it will wear and tear faster. This is what we call as a life-threatening disease.

Conversely, if you can provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients to your body, it will last longer. In other words, switching over to plant-based natural and organic foods can prevent the life-threatening diseases.

“Provided one has the correct level of vitamin, mineral and nutritional input, the body can overcome disease.” ~ Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Winner)

Your goal is optimizing your fertility. So you eat beautifying and healthifying foods. As a result, you not only enhance your fertility but also preventing life-threatening chronic diseases. So you can enjoy motherhood as well as a beautiful and healthy life. You can read my another article “20 Foods That Are Very Crucial for Getting Pregnant” to empower yourself.

3. You can reduce stress

Others lead Stressful lifestyle

The American Psychological Association conducted its most recent Stress in America Survey. Here are the results.

  • Most Americans report feeling moderate-to-high stress levels.
  • 44% of adults report that their stress level has increased in the past 5 years.
  • Money, work (concerns about job loss), and the economy are major sources of stress.
  • 39% of adults report overeating or eating unhealthy foods due to stress. Read more…

Prolonged and unmanaged stress will cause diseases like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, sexual problems and a host of other chronic and life-threatening diseases. Stress is also one of the major factors that slow down of your fertility.

You lead Soulful lifestyle

Yoga and meditation are the simple tools that anyone can practice. A regular practice of yoga and meditation are proven to increase blood flow, oxygenation, boost immunity and restore hormonal balance.

So, yoga and meditation can reduce stress; restore your fertility; enhance overall mental and spiritual health.Scientists are now proving the efficacy of yoga that ancient yogis told centuries ago. If you want to know more on this topic, I recommend reading my another article “Yoga Poses For Infertility Treatment In Women

4. You can Increase lifespan

Other are living life-shortening lifestyle

A Government report, Living Well for Longer, blames the top five killers (cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung and liver disease) for more than 150,000 deaths a year among under-75s in England alone and the department of health estimates two-thirds of them are entirely avoidable. Read more here…

You are living lifespan increasing lifestyle

Nutrient rich diets, yoga,  meditation and loving relationships naturally increase your lifespan. By eating a nutrient rich diet, you are giving what your body really wants. By practicing meditative lifestyle and loving relationships you’re giving what your mind and soul really want. When you give what your body, mind, and soul want, they will reward you an enhanced lifespan.

A landmark study by Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer, Ph.D., showed that the so-called irreversible signs of aging, including deterioration in the hearing, vision, manual dexterity, muscle strength, and memory, could be reversed through psychological shifts in awareness and increases in physical and mental activity.

Even though we all have genetic predispositions, our health and aging aren’t predetermined. By making conscious choices in our behavior and where we focus our attention, we can transform our experience of our body to decrease our biological age. Read more…

5. You can build new relationships

Others leading relationship breaking lifestyle

Fast pace life and hectic work schedules destroying human relationships. In spite of the proliferation of social media networks, we are feeling isolated and lonely. Priority to the career than family and relationships causing stress and relationship problems.

You are leading relationship building lifestyle

Fighting infertility gives you an opportunity of meeting fellow sufferers and various others people. You spend a lot of time in various forums, Facebook groups where you interact with new people. Make full use of this opportunity building new relationships.

So, fighting infertility naturally is a journey of changing your food habits; a journey of changing your lifestyle; a journey of building new relationships. As a result, you are going to have new relationships with full of empathy and caring.

6. You can become higher (stronger) version of yourself

Others are entangled in mediocrity

The real problem the humanity facing today is deterioration of human values like empathy and compassion. The lack of empathy and callousness is being reflected in our actions and behavior. This is a serious problem with far-reaching health, emotional and social consequences.

You are transforming into higher version of yourself

In the process of fighting your infertility, you will experientially know the importance of empathy, compassion and caring. This is what you need from your family members and friends. But unfortunately, you will not receive the much-needed love and support that you deserve. This may affect your life initially, but sooner you will find the ways to overcome this torture.

In your fight against infertility, you will naturally shift to a new lifestyle of plant-based diets and mindful meditation. This new lifestyle brings self-compassion, self-love, and forgiveness. And that is how you become the stronger version of yourself.

7. You can fight Infertility and fulfill your motherhood

All the fertility diseases are the signals of damaging overall health. If you think that it is only a fertility problem and confine to only conventional treatments like Clomid cycles, checking charts, undergoing tests so on and so forth, you’re putting your health at serious risk. It is here three changes are required to fight your infertility. Here are the three changes…

First and foremost you acknowledge that the infertility is dietary and lifestyle disease. Secondly, you treat the food as medicine. Thirdly, shift to plant-based diets.

Your body is an amazing machine with immense self-recovery potential. When you give the right fuel to it, your body rewards you with a beautiful baby. If you want to enhance fertility, I recommend my another article “10 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Fertility That You Always Overlook
Take a look at the following quotes to appreciate what I am saying to you here.

What you put at the end of your fork is more powerful medicine than anything you will find at the bottom of a pill bottle. Food is the most powerful medicine available to heal chronic disease, which will account for over 50 million deaths and cost the global economy $47 trillion by 2030. All you need to do is eat your medicine and think of your grocery store as your pharmacy.~ Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D.

Conclusion: The seed sprouts with right conditions

Now we come to an end of this article… The whole point of this blog post was to make you feel experientially the unbelievable benefits of fighting infertility naturally.

Indeed, you started this blog post with skepticism, and I hope by now you have come to realize how you can turn trauma into triumph. Hopefully, you agree to the popular spiritual saying. i.e “Whatever God Does Is for Our Own Good …

I don’t necessarily expect you to completely change your lifestyle. Rather it would help if you take baby steps like giving up junk foods wherever possible and eat plant-based organic foods, whenever possible. And you may also want to consider a regular practice of yoga and meditation and see yourself how it changes your life.

Go ahead and try these tips. You may end up with having a baby soon because you are creating the right conditions. The seed will sprout with right conditions. No one can stop it from sprouting and growing.

Want to start a new life immediately…

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