21 Suziben’s Famous Fertility Quotes To Inspire You

Struggling to get pregnant is a journey that requires inspiration and hope. Here, are my top 21 famous fertility inspiring quotes to stay motivated.

May the universal force of feminine energy shower her love and bless you with a beautiful baby.

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I am sure that all of my articles provoke you and enhance your consciousness. You can eventually fight your infertility and fulfill your dream of becoming a mother.

Here are my i.e Suzi Ben’s Famous Fertility Quotes

1. “Don’t worry because you are infertile, cheer because you can exalt your fertility.”

2. “There are only three ways to put an end to infertility. The first is healthy living, the second is by healthy living, the third is by healthy living.”

3. “One doesn’t have to be genius to know that healthy eating revives health (revives fertility)

4. “Usually, you believe that infertility is a misfortune to be fixed with pills, but in fact, it is a God’s calling towards becoming conscious of what you eat and think.”

5. “You have not yet conceived. That means your medicine is wrong. (So it is the time to change the method of treatment.)”

6. It is amazing to know that every thought you think and every food you eat is either you are protecting or harming your fertility. ( You are the master of your fertility)”

7. “Even if pregnancy tests don’t come the way you expected, don’t be disheartened. One who understands the flaws in current treatment and the shift to new methods will be successful in the end.

8. “It is not the destiny that is stopping your conception; it is your treatment that is not doing anything. Try natural that your body is begging for a long time.”

9. “What doctors can’t do your body and mind can do. Realize this truth and don’t mess up with self-harming thoughts.”

10. “There is only one thing to be fixed for restoring your fertility. i.e the health of your reproductive system. (Pills can’t fix it)”

11. “Don’t be intimidated by the fears in your mind. Realize the truth that every woman has fertility potency.” (You are not excluded)

12. “Truth be told, there´s no magic pill. You got to eat healthily and live healthy to conceive. And that’s it.”

13. “Infertility looks complicated but the solution is simple if you understand one fact. i.e. you can’t buy your health”

14. “If you understand the self healing capacity of your body, you don’t have to be worried. It fulfills your dream of becoming a mom without fail”

15.  “In three phrases I can sum up everything I’ve learned about fertility: healthy egg; healthy sperm; healthy reproductive system. (Unfortunately, pills doesn’t make them healthy)”

16. “Light can drive out darkness; Love can drive out hate; Healthy lifestyle can drive out infertility.”

17. “Change your mind.” These three words can remove all your fertility problems. (Listen to your heart to realize this truth)”

18. “Woman’s body is new life creating system. Treat it as a Sacred Place.”

19. “Fear enhances infertility; Joy enhances fertility. So choose the thoughts consciously.”

20. “Pills cure the symptoms, Food cures the disease. (Infertility is a disease)”

21. “Here is the truth. Your body is a self healing machine. It is intelligent enough. Just relax and wait for the miracle (baby) to happen.”

I hope that these quotations help you to be a little more conscious and courageous

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