Hormone Problems: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You

Infectious diseases vs chronic diseases

First know the difference between infectious diseases and chronic diseases. If you can understand and differentiate infectious disease and chronic disease, you will never ignore your “self healing capacity” of your body.

Infectious diseases are caused by external factors like bacteria or virus. Your body doesn’t have all the capacity to fight these microorganisms. It takes some time for the body to develop its immune system to save you from the dangers of these microorganisms. So, the best possible treatment until the immunity system develops is IV drip, anti inflammatory drugs and so on and so forth. Modern medical intervention is therefore a must while dealing with infectious diseases.

Now, the question is whether the modern medicine is required when dealing with chronic diseases caused by hormonal imbalances.

Hormonal imbalances are caused by your diet, chronic stress and other lifestyle problems. Today the chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, and hormonal problems are becoming rampant. The steady rise of these chronic diseases is consequence of eating grain and sugar-based preservative foods and stressful lifestyle habits. So, all the chronic diseases of modern world are caused by wrong dietary and lifestyles.

Let me give one example for your easy understanding…

The most common fertility problems like PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis are caused by estrogen dominance. So, these fertility problems are caused by the hormonal imbalance. You cannot restore this hormonal imbalance without stopping estrogen causing foods. But doctors don’t tell this fact. What they simply say is that “the root cause of these problems are unknown therefore, you cannot root out these problems. These problems can only be managed.” If you go by this advice without considering the fact of stopping estrogen causing foods all these fertility problems will grow.

Here are the root cause of fertility problems as per scientific studies:

  • High levels of CAFFEINE intake may delay conception among fertile women.
  • Drinking GREEN TEA too often may lower fertility.
  • Women who eat lots of LOW-FAT DAIRY PRODUCTS face an 85 percent higher risk of ovulatory infertility than Women who consume little or no low-fat dairy products.
  • GLUTEN Cause Infertility.
  • GM foods damages fertility.
  • Study Links FRACKING (oil and gas development)to Infertility, Miscarriages, Birth Defects.
  • Exposure to BPA linked to increased risks of infertility and miscarriages.
  • Even low levels of STRESS could cause infertility
  • Taking several common over the counter PAIN RELIEVERS, like Aleve, Motrin, and Advil, can increase a woman’s chances of being infertile by up to 75%.
  • Both active and passive SMOKING are linked to infertility problems and early menopause in women.
  • AIR POLLUTION and traffic fumes tied to infertility risk.
  • VAGINAL DOUCHING may increase a woman’s risk of infertility.

The point is simple. The modern medicine cannot cure chronic diseases caused by dietary and lifestyle problems.

You can clearly see the relation between lifestyle and chronic diseases. That treatment for chronic diseases should be changing the improper dietS and lifestyles. But unfortunately, modern medicine tries to cure improper dietary and lifestyle diseases with the pills. So, your doctor treats only the symptoms while ignoring the real cause of the symptoms. Hence, there is no surprise that you will never be cured from the disease.

Did you know why modern medicine reluctant to cure the disease?

If everyone starts treating their disease with diet and lifestyle changes, the biggest pharmaceutical companies will die and it will have serious implications on the economy of the country. Modern medical system will collapse.

So don’t expect your current medical system will come up with cure for your chronic diseases. You have to suffer your diseases for your entire life. Unless you are wise enough and take the responsibility of your health no one can protect you from simply curable chronic diseases.

Restore the hormone balance

All that you have to do restore your hormone balances by the lifestyle changes. Once you restore your hormonal balance your body biopharmacy will be revived and that is how you activate your self healing capacity of your body.

Simply saying… Your body can do far more miracles that your doctors.

Take a look at the following quotations from the experts from the medical field:

“Your body is a self-healing organism” says Lissa Rankin, physician and New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine

“Cutting out bad habits is far more effective than cutting out organs.” ― Herbert M. Shelton, Fasting for Renewal of Life

“You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to be solved. It’s possible to treat yourself with outrageous kindness beginning today.” Geneen Roth is the author of ten books, including the New York Times bestseller Women Food and God.

The human body is a miraculous self-healing machine, but those self-repair systems require a nutrient-dense diet. —-Joel Fuhrman, The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes

And finally this is my promise…

My latest book “The 3 Step fertility code” is a “natural hormone balance plan” to help you reset your hormonal imbalances.

Our “The 3 Step fertility code” is simplified and systematized. It is based on modern mind science and ancient Yogic science… If this weapon is in your hands, you can get rid of ALL your hormonal imbalances and fertility problems. Why because you’re reviving your own body pharmacy.

“The 3 Step fertility code” is for women who believe “It won’t be easy, but I’ll conceive somehow”. It’s therefore perfect for you if:

  • You’ve been trying for months or years with no luck.
  • You’re skeptical about natural methods but you want to try it.
  • You’re already in the process of IVF or IUI and you want to enhance its success rate.
  • You want to avoid fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI and want to try naturally.
  • You have hormonal problems like PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids or irregular cycles.
  • You have fertility issues like blocked tubes, high prolactin levels and low AMH levels.

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