True or False: Dietary Changes Can Help You Get Pregnant

This is what you do…

You rely on modern medicine to get pregnancy. You try prescription medication. You do loads of tests. You undergo risky surgery. Simply, you follow whatever your doctor says with a hope of having your baby soon. But every time the test is coming negative. This unpredictable vicious circle drives you crazy because you desperately want the kids.

This is really frustrating…

The uncertainty of treatment is a big frustration. The anxiety and worry force you to skim through forums, Facebook, YouTube and fertility blogs. Here different people share different experiences. Most of the natural methods suggest dietary changes. Even though you’re not a firm believer of natural methods you want to give it a try. You try few dietary changes but you will not see the results. You feel that all these natural methods are hoax and come to a conclusion that none of these things help you to get pregnancy.


Foods alone can’t help you get pregnant because food alone not causing hormonal imbalances.

One of the major factors for all the chronic diseases is disturbance in your mind. (subconscious traumatic memories) Take a look at the following quotation…

“Disturbance in Mind; Disease in Body” – Vethathiri Maharishi

According to ayurveda and yogic sciences your physical body is nothing but an extension of your mind. Therefore, any disturbances in your mind in early stages of your life will show up in the body as a disease at a later stage.

What it means is simply this. Unresolved emotional wounds are appearing as disease in the body. So, the root cause of your hormonal imbalances is caused by deep emotional wounds. You may be conscious or unconscious of emotional wounds but they are affecting your health. Here you must realize that your painful thoughts and emotions cause cellular damage. So, there is a relation between your stressful thoughts and painful emotions and cellular functioning.

When you are stressful, it affects the cellular functioning in one way and similarly when you are joyful it affects your cellular functioning in another way.

Your mind is a miraculous healing machine.

What your doctors cannot accomplish, a joyful mind will accomplish miraculously.

Your mind is a miraculous healing machine. So, if you can learn how to use your mind and stay joyful, your reproductive health will be restored. Your dreams of becoming a mom will come true. This is the ancient wisdom that modern people completely ignored and paying heavy price to cure chronic diseases.

In essence, food is a factor for your infertility and hormonal disturbances to an extent of 15 to 25% only. So 75 to 85% of the factor is the subconscious mind. The modern medicine is also coming to terms with this reality and using the term “psychosomatic disorders” for chronic diseases. And however, the modern medicine is unable to distinguish which are physical problems and which are the psychosomatic problems. Because the reality is that all the chronic diseases are psychosomatic diseases.

In view of this, the wise treatment for treating all the hormonal problems is combining both the dietary and psychological factors. Modern medicine does not give any importance to either diets or psychological factors and therefore its effectiveness in treating chronic diseases is negligible.

And finally this is my promise…

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