You Can Fight Infertility with Your Mind. Author of 80 Books Said This

Why hormone problems are caused to you?

When you see a pregnant woman one question always puzzles you.

The questions that always frustrate you is “why infertility caused to me” “when other woman enjoying their pregnancy without any difficulty “why it became so hard for me” “why the God is unfair to me” “how long I have to suffer this mental agony”…

Yes, I agree no one can understand your pain…

Yes, your questions deserve right answers…

This blog post is dedicated to answer all your questions…

Here is the good news for you…

Once you know all the answers, your mind changes altogether…

Such type of questions never bothers you…

You will intuitively know that you’re going to get pregnant soon.


You see great possibility of enhancing your life and becoming a better version of yourself.

Before I enter into the topic, I want you to realize one important thing.

All the illnesses caused by hormonal imbalances. These hormonal imbalances are the red signals. Your body is trying to tell you something. It is your responsibility to stop and listen what it is saying.

Did you remember your childhood emotional traumas?

Your mind suppresses all the childhood emotional traumas in your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind will not remember anything. It is the mind way of protecting you because as a child you can’t handle such emotional traumas.

As a child, you may not handle a loss of your loved one; a loss of your pet; a loss of even a toy;

If you are subjected to sexual abuse or other kinds of physical abuse, you can’t handle such things. So the mind will suppress these memories into the deep layers so that your conscious mind doesn’t know anything or remember vaguely.

All such childhood experiences are stored in your nervous system and in body cells. You may forget them. But your body never forgets them and keeps on sending the signals. You will receive the signals in various shapes and forms. This includes the emotional symptoms of anxiety, guilt, shame……….; physical symptoms of cystic acne, menstrual pain etc…..; energy  symptoms of powerlessness, lack of energy etc.

Mostly, we ignore these symptoms or at the most deal with painkillers or anti depressants.

Did you know what you’re doing?

When your body is trying to tell you something wrong is happening in the physical body, mental body and energy body, you are trying to suppress the symptoms with pills.

In other words, either you or your doctors are unable to figure it out why these symptoms are appearing in your body in the first place.

As a result…

You are affected with all these hormone problems.

Know this fact!

Without healing the suppressed emotions of your childhood, they will continuously affect your life and eventually causes chronic diseases including fertility problems.


Infertility problems and other diseases = unprocessed childhood traumas

It also implies that…

If you can clear all your childhood traumas, all your fertility problems and other ailments will disappear soon…

That is why a proper handling of your mind is a must condition before you can see all your fertility problems are resolved.

That is why Vethathiri Maharishi says “Disturbance in Mind; Disease in Body”. Vethathiri Maharishi is a spiritual leader, scientist, Philosopher, Siddha, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic practitioner, founder of over 300 yoga centers and author of about 80 books,

According to Vethathiri Maharishi, Body is an extension of Mind. Therefore the disturbances in mind at an earlier stage show up in the body as disease at a later stage.

He also said that what medical sciences cannot accomplish, your mind will.

Mind is a miracle machine.

Mind interacts with the subatomic particles of body cells. Cellular malfunction start the disease.

As soon as you discipline your mind you can restore the normal cellular functioning. As soon as you restore normal cellular functioning you can restore your hormone balance. As soon as you restore your hormone balance you restore your health. As soon as you restore your health you restore the ability to conceive naturally. As soon as you restore the ability to conceive you conceive naturally.

And finally this is my promise…

My latest book “The 3 Step fertility code” is to help you reset your hormonal imbalances. Here I am focusing on dietary changes (to repair your body), Mind exercises (to reprogram your mind) and as a result your hormone balance is restored .

Our “The 3 Step fertility code”” is simplified and systematized. It is based on modern mind science and ancient Yogic science… If this weapon is in your hands, you can get rid of ALL your hormonal imbalances and fertility problems. Why because you’re reviving your own body pharmacy.

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