3 Ways Stress can Affect your Fertility | Best Technique to Relieve Stress

I used to ridicule news like this…

“Women get pregnant while she’s on vacation.”

“Woman get pregnant after adoption.”

We hear such news now and then.

All such stories will tell you one thing.

If you are trying to conceive very hard, stress and anxiety will affect your fertility and you will not get pregnant. Once you forget this and start living the life normally you will get pregnant.

In the past, I think they are simply coincidences…

Are they really coincidences or true?

Do stress and anxiety will really affect your fertility?

Let us examine these issues in this article.

Scientific studies prove that Stress affects fertility

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Studies found that 30% of women who are unable to conceive for more than six months have high levels of stress than who are conceived within six months.

  • Connection between physical labor and fertility

A new study reveals a connection between physical labor and the chances of getting pregnancy among working women.Their results show that heavy work, both in terms of physical strain and long hours, appears to have a detrimental impact on women’s ability to get pregnant.Read more

  • Connection between Emotional stress and fertility

Studies also proved that emotional stress will impair fertility in women and men. Some researchers also found that couples who learned to cope up with stress conceived quickly than who do not cope up with the stress.

So, these studies proving that stress will affect your fertility…

Now let us see how stress will affect your fertility…

Three ways stress affects your fertility

1. Stress will effect your menstrual periods

Prolonged stress will cause irregular periods. Even if you get periods regularly, stress will affect your conception by messing up with the timing of ovulation.

2. Stress will hamper your ovulation

The Pituitary gland is responsible for ovulation. It communicates with your ovaries and your ovaries will release an egg. Stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol disrupt this mechanism and that result in No ovulation.

3. Stress will cause miscarriages

When you are in stress, hormones will be released into the bloodstream to activate fight or flight mechanism.

Progesterone is a hormone that is essential for supporting your pregnancy.In other words, without progesterone, you cannot maintain your pregnancy.

Under stressful conditions, your adrenal glands manufacture cortisol using progesterone. So the progesterone meant for pregnancy will be diverted to create cortisol to cope up with the situation.


Low levels of progesterone also cause symptoms like PMS, hot flashes, and night sweats.

Now it is clear to you….

Stress will have serious implications on your fertility and overall your health.

Four reasons behind infertility stress

Now the question is how to live without stress….

Infertility is equal to stress…

What does it mean?

Those who are trying to conceive for a long time bound to have stress and anxiety.

1. Sense of failure as a couple

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source: www.reveal.co.uk

Couples who are struggling with infertility are successful in their careers. The sense of achievement doesn’t last long. Fighting with infertility becomes tougher and harder for them. They feel a sense of losing control over their life. They find it uncomfortable in spending time with children or other pregnant women. These situations will seriously affect their self-esteem.

2. Fear of relationship failureinfertility problems, infertility stress on marriage, infertility strain on marriage, how to deal with infertility stress

source: trendyfeeds.com

Infertility also causes marital stress. Especially when one of the couples have an infertility problem.They will fear that the other partner may leave the relationship and find someone else…

3. Expensive Infertility treatments

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source: pregworld.org

Infertility also causes financial stress. Since infertility is not fully covered by the insurance, the couple is necessarily bear most of the expenses. So getting finances for the treatment is a gruesome task for majority couples.

4. Mechanical sex life

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source: www.salon.com

Love making is the most enjoyable thing in anyone’s life. But unfortunately, couples having infertility issues, this becomes a mechanical process.

So when all these factors causing stress, anxiety, mood swings and depression, how can you maintain a state of peace…

So if I say just relax, this wouldn’t help you anyway…

How to cope with infertility Stress?

And that is why you need a tool or technique that 100% help you live peacefully and joyfully.

Yoga is the best stress buster

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The tool I’m referring is the practice of yoga…

When it comes to dealing with stress no technique will beat the yoga. Now Yoga is scientifically proven and globally accepted technique to counteract all the effects of stress.

If you think yoga is only for stress management you are mistaken altogether.

Regular yoga practices will help you…

  • Reduce excess fat
  • Improves blood circulation and oxygenation to your reproductive organs.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Improves your digestion and metabolism
  • Eliminate toxins from your body
  • Activate your reproductive organs

And much more….

Practicing Yoga is a long term strategy. But here are the 4 simple tips that you can use immediately to relieve from infertility stress and heal your infertility wounds.

4 Simple Tips to Heal Infertility Stress

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