The 7 Biggest Fertility Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

It’s absolutely heartbreaking if every test comes back with negative results.

Do you want your next test comeback with positive results?

Then you have to avoid the following 7 mistakes. If you can avoid these mistakes there is every possibility of getting the positive results.

Mistake #1: Treating the symptoms and ignoring the root cause of infertility

All the fertility problems and hormonal imbalances are like red signals. Your body is trying to tell you something.

Instead of listening to what your body is telling to you, you are suppressing the symptoms with modern medicine.

Modern medicine suppresses the symptoms but doesn’t cure the underlying infertility problem. That is why your fertility treatment is not working for you.

Relying on only modern medicine you are risking irrevocable infertility and also serious life-threatening chronic diseases.

It is therefore better to stop focusing on getting pregnancy only and start focusing on the root cause with dietary and lifestyle changes.

This change in strategy helps you to conceive fast and also prevent chronic and life-threatening diseases.

Mistake #2: Eating animal products and vegetable oils

Animal foods contain cholesterol, fat, with no starch, dietary fiber, or other essential sugars. It poisons your gut environment and disturbs gut microbes… Gut imbalance is the root cause of all hormonal imbalances.

Over feeding of high cholesterol is cause of obesity. Over fat in the body is cause of all metabolic diseases.

Vegetable oils contain empty calories with side effects that suppress your immune system and disturb your body balance.

“Protein deficiency” is a myth. Any natural diet with sufficient amount of CALORIES fulfills your body’s need for PROTEIN.

Excess protein is burden on the KIDNEYS and LIVER and cause calcium loss from the BONES.

See page 115 of our “The 3 Step Fertility Code” to find the list of animal products and vegetable oils. Link to “The 3 Step Fertility Code” is given in the description.

Mistake #3: Eating refined sugars, white flour, saturated fats, and harmful food additives.

The human body was not designed to digest refined sugars, white flour, saturated fats, and harmful food additives.

Mistake #4: Living sedentary life

The human body was not designed to be sedentary. Otherwise, why we need legs and hands… We were designed to work physically …

See page 67 of our “The 3 Step Fertility Code” and practice physical exercises listed there regularly. Link to “The 3 Step Fertility Code” is given in the description.

Mistake #5: Believing “something is wrong with your body”

You believe that something is wrong with your body. You believe that without doctors or treatment you can’t conceive….. All your beliefs are far from truth.

You can conceive in 3 months or less…Faster and Easier than You Ever Thought Possible…

Here is the truth

Pregnancy happens when your body is in balance.

There are only three things to do to restore your body balance, reverse infertility and conceive fast.

Here are the 3 things to do….1. Nourish your BODY 2. Reprogram your subconscious MIND 3. Unblock your ENERGY.

Fighting Infertility at 3 levels is by far the easiest, the fastest and the cheapest way to fight your infertility problem, because you are leveraging unbelievable potential of your body, mind and energy.

You can do this following our “The 3 Step Fertility Code”. Link “The 3 Step Fertility Code” is given in the description.

Mistake #6: Not changing your mind

“Disturbance in Mind; Disease in Body” – Vethathiri Maharishi

According to ayurveda and yogic sciences, your physical body is nothing but an extension of your mind.

Therefore, any disturbances in your mind in early stages of your life will show up in the body as a disease at a later stage.

So, there is a relation between your stressful thoughts and cellular functioning.

Your mind is a miraculous healing machine. So, if you can learn how to use your mind and stay joyful, your reproductive health will be restored.

See page 132 of our “The 3 Step Fertility Code” to follow 5 step mind exercise to reframe your negative (dangerous) beliefs and reprogram your mind. Link “The 3 Step Fertility Code” is given in the description.

Mistake #7: Disconnecting from your body

When you’re a child, your parents, family members and the society try to have control over you.

They inculcated wrong beliefs in your mind. This is common to every child.

But in specific cases, traumatic and abusive incidents completely transform the child into a negative person…

You were no more the fresh body. You therefore think and react according to this wrong belief system.

See page 142 of our “The 3 Step Fertility Code” for more details about how to sync your 12 feminine traits with your cycle and reconnect with your body. Link to “The 3 Step Fertility Code” is given in the description.