Try This 10 Minute Fertility Mantra Meditation To Boost Your Fertility Power

I knew that on the outside you may look like you’re okay, but on the inside you feel like a failure as a woman each time you come to the consciousness that you’re still not pregnant.”

I also knew that you’ve been hurt in the past many times but you’re optimistic enough to fight your infertility and fulfill your motherhood.

At the outset I want to let you know that;

“10 Minute Fertility Mantra Meditation” is for you if;

  • You’ve been trying for months or years with no luck.
  • You’re skeptical about natural methods but you want to try it.
  • You’re already in the process of IVF or IUI and you want to enhance its success rate.
  • You want to avoid fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI and want to try naturally.
  • You have hormonal problems like PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids or irregular cycles.
  • You have fertility issues like blocked tubes, high prolactin levels and low AMH levels.

Here is my promise to you…

So far you were led to believe by the doctors that getting pregnancy is very hard. But today in this article, I am proving that getting pregnancy is easy if you give right treatment to your body

More details in a moment.

But first…

This article is not for you;

  • If you are rigid in your beliefs and not open minded
  • If you just read the blog posts but don’t take any action.

However if you are serious and committed to fulfill your dream of becoming a mother, I request you to read this article with your heart and soul …

In this article I am giving you just five words

These five words are more valuable than hundreds and thousands of dollars that you spend in IVF treatments…

These five words can save you from years of turmoil that you likely to suffer with infertility treatments.

Anyway let me get to the point….

Which is the right fertility treatment for you?

Doctors and the society programming you to believe that something is wrong in your body and therefore the treatment is not working…

You also strongly believe that fault is yours and the treatment is right….

Look! Unless you change this wrong belief, there will be no end to your suffering.

So First and foremost let us decide which is the right treatment for you?

I’m not a doctor…

I can’t speak in medical terms…

But as a fertility blogger I have developed a lot of common sense on infertility issues…

Here is my definition of the right treatment…

If your treatment is working or giving the results, it is the right treatment….

In case if your treatment is not working or not giving any results, it as the wrong treatment….

This is my simple definition of what is the right treatment…

Now let me ask you a question….

Is your treatment working for you?

I know your answer…

Your current treatment is not working for you…

Otherwise you don’t read this article…

It is, therefore, right time to decide what is the right treatment for you?

Acknowledge and realize this fact.

According to yogic science all the fertility problems are caused by blockage in pelvic area. If you practice the 10 minute fertility mantra for 45 days it can clear the blockage in pelvic area. This restores flow of energy into your reproductive organs and soon you will conceive naturally

A regular practice of this 10 minute fertility mantra is by far the easiest, the fastest and the cheapest way to deal with your infertility problem.

So clearing the blockage in pelvic area with yogic techniques is the right treatment for you.

You therefore NEVER believe  that fault lies in your body. In fact the fault lies with your fertility treatment because it is not working for you.

Why you should listen to me.

I am not a gynecologist. I am not a nutritionist. But I and my husband are deeply pained by this issue and therefore we decided to dedicate our life to help women fighting infertility….

Perhaps you already know that we have been running this blog since 2013.  We are also die-hard followers and practitioners of yogic wisdom and yogic techniques in our day to day life.

During this journey as a fertility bloggers we have discovered that our body, mind and energy have miraculous capacity to bounce back from hormonal imbalance and rejuvenate reproductive health.

But unfortunately modern doctors not leveraging the capacity of human body mind and energy and that is why treatment goes on for years together without any success…

What we are about to reveal “the fertility mantra” is created by us keeping in view the mental condition of infertility sufferers.

We created this fertility mantra to leverage the miraculous healing powers of human energy body that modern doctors not even aware of so far.

There’s simply no doubt about it… We are giving you unique 10 minute fertility mantra that you will NEVER read in any other fertility blogs or any other platform in the entire world.

Give your body the right fertility treatment

Wrong Fertility Treatment vs Right Fertility Treatment

Yes it is true.

You have been trying to get pregnant for months without any success…

You have tried everything that your doctor told you…

But nothing seems to be working.

You question yourself “what is wrong with me and why can’t I get pregnant?”

But you never question yourself that ” What is the right treatment for me”

If you don’t give right treatment, your body doesn’t respond…

No matter how hard you try…

No matter how long you try…

No matter how much you spend on infertility treatments…

It doesn’t matter…

What really matters is whether you’re giving your body the right treatment or not…

In infertility problems, the right treatment is clearing the blockage in your pelvic area…

That doesn’t require hard work…

That doesn’t require years of struggle…

That doesn’t require thousands of dollars…

All that you have to do is 10 minute fertility mantra in the next 45 days…

This is the right treatment for your body…

If you do this your pregnancy result will be positive…

You shouldn’t focus on getting pregnant

Please realize and acknowledge this truth…

Getting pregnant is the result of enhancing the fertility of your body.

So your focus should be on restoring the body balance and enhancing the fertility of your body.


Existence is neutral. It is not judgmental…

If we do right things, right things will happen to us.

With right soil, right seed, right water and right sunlight the seed will sprout…and the plant will grow.

There is no question of failure. This Is The Law of Life…

The wise farmer never focus on the fruit but only focus on soil, water etc because he knew that fruit happens automatically when he do the right things.

Unfortunately modern doctors are not wise enough like our farmers…. They don’t focus on the restoring body balance and enhancing the fertility . They only focus on the getting conception…

The bottom-line…

The wise and intelligent will focus on the process… Ignorant and foolish people will focus on the result

You being wise woman, begin focus on addressing the root cause rather than focusing on symptoms.

So your focus should be clearing the blockage in pelvic area and restoring your body balance.

10 Minute fertility mantra can clear the blockage in pelvic area

YES! You can increase fertility with 10 minute fertility mantra meditation.

YES! You can protect your fertility 10 minute fertility mantra meditation.

Even If you are failing aged and giving up!

Yes you can conceive in 3 months

Yes, it’s possible!

Yes, you can rejuvenate your body and make it ready for conception.

Fast forward three months everything changes.

Now you have  2 choices before you

Continue to try on what doesn’t work?
• The chance of getting pregnancy with modern treatment is very negligible…

Change to what works fast?
• The easiest, fastest and cheapest technique to conceive is practicing 10 minute fertility mantra.

I am sure you will go for what works fast for you…

Two ways the 10 minute fertility mantra work you?

1. Fertility mantra reduce your stress that is blocking your pregnancy

Experts estimate that the human mind thinks around 60,000 thoughts a day.

Of those, 80% are negative; 95% are exactly the same repetitive thoughts.

Did you know this truth?

If you can reduce your thoughts from 60,000 to 30,000 your half of the health problems can be cured.

If you can replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you can get rid of all your ailments.

It has been proven that the stress causes or amplify the infertility.

A study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health and the University of Oxford supports the widespread belief that stress may reduce a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant.

Researchers found that women who reported feeling more stressed than usual during their ovulatory window were 40% less likely to become pregnant that month.

Even low levels of stress could cause infertility.

Infertile women’s anxiety and depression levels equaled those of women with conditions such as cancer, HIV and chronic pain.

2. Fertility mantra make you powerful person than your doctor

First let me explain who is powerless and who is powerful….

As a yogic practitioner my definition is very simple…

If you depend on doctors for generating right chemistry and hormones in your body you are powerless…

So far you’re powerless because you depend on doctors and pills to generate chemistry in your body…

If you can generate the right chemistry and hormones in your body with your own thoughts and emotions you are powerful.

Hereafter you become powerful because you don’t depend on anyone to generate the right chemicals and hormones in your body…

That is possible only with a regular practice of fertility mantra meditation…

So mantra meditation technique is a tool to calm your mind.

So mantra meditation technique is the most powerful tool to give your body right chemistry and hormones.


Using the 10 minute fertility mantra meditation, you take your fertility health into your control rather than depending on the doctors.

Now it is time to get into our main topic…

Three Elements of fertility mantra meditation

3 Elements of Fertility Mantra Meditation

Mantra becomes a powerful tool in your hands if you strictly follow 3 aspects i.e. meaning, sound and rhythm of the mantra. The intention of chanting the mantra is to reprogram the subconscious mind and restore your fertility. It therefore requires a minimum of 45 days of regular practice before you could see the results.

Five steps to practice mantra meditation

Of all the meditation techniques mantra meditation technique is by far the most powerful and effective and easy to follow. Here are the five simple steps to follow;

Step 1: Choose the mantra

There are hundreds and thousands of mantras. The number one most powerful mantra is “AUM”.

But I have not picked any mantra from existing mantras.

We have created and customized mantra exclusively for infertility sufferers keeping their problems in mind.

So this fertility mantra is unique and available only to the readers of blog.

Here is the fertility mantra.

Mantra: Prithvi Mata Svaroopa, Ananta Shakti Svaroopa

We have created this mantra with 5 Sanskrit words and its translation is as follows.

  • Prithvi Mata = Mother Earth
  • Svaroopa = form
  • Ananta = Infinite
  • Shakti = the power of creation
  • Svaroopa = form

You have to memorize the meaning of these 5 sanskrit words before you chant this mantra.

The English translation of this mantra is this…

I Am The Form Of Mother Earth With Infinite Power Of Creation.

Step2: Sit in a comfortable place

It doesn’t matter whether your home or other places. What important is it should be free from disturbance.

Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with your eyes closed.

Make sure that you sit with a straight spine. The erect spine is the key to absorb the mantras vibrations and helps you focus on your intention of conceiving.

Place your hands lightly on your thighs.

Step 3: Chant the fertility mantra

Prithvi Mata Svaroopa, Ananta Shakti Svaroopa.

Keep these 3 things in your mind while chanting.

1. Feel the meaning of mantra “I Am The Form Of Mother Earth With Infinite Power Of Creation” ” by visualizing the earth with lush plants and trees.

2. Feel the sound vibrations of mantra from your pelvic area to the throat area.

3. While chanting the mantra makes sure that you follow a rhythm that is comfortable to you.

Step 4: Whisper the fertility mantra

You start with chanting the mantra. After a while, you can slip into whispering the mantra.

And don’t forget these 3 elements of mantra. I.e. meaning, sound and rhythm in whispering mantra also.

Step 5: Recite fertility mantra mentally

Finally, you can slip into just mental recitation of mantra.

Start the meditation with at least 5 minutes of chanting followed by whispering and mental recitation of the mantra. You can finish all the levels in less than 10 minutes.

Practice this fertility mantra twice everyday.

Preferred time to practice this mantra is morning when you wake up and night before you sleep.

After you finish the mantra, you can feel the raising energy levels in your body.

That means…Chanting the mantra draws more life energies into your body.

That means you are drawing more life into your body.

That means you are healing your body.

That means you are boosting your fertility.

That means the more you chant the fertility mantra, the more you boost your fertility.

Enjoy and cherish this new experience.

Reclaim your fertility power and fulfill your motherhood

Today I have given you just five sanskrit words…

These five words have no real power…

The real power lies in you…

By repeatedly chanting “Prithvi Mata Svaroopa, Ananta Shakti Svaroopa” you are generating a stream of powerful positive thoughts and emotions of “I am the form of mother earth with infinite power of creation” in your mind…

By repeatedly generating a stream of powerful thoughts of “I am the form of mother earth with infinite power of creation” in your mind you’re creating right chemistry and hormones in your body…

By repeatedly creating right chemistry and hormones in your body you’re energizing and magnetizing your energy body and that is the key to unblock the blockages in your pelvic area.

By repeatedly clearing the blockages in your pelvic area you are releasing the energy in to your reproductive organs and every cell of your reproductive body echoes with the same intention and desire and as a consequence balance is restored and your reproductive system is ready for conception…

I want you to understand this fact…

Mantra chanting is a technique to take your destiny into your control.

Mantra is based on the subtle science of attraction & repulsion of vibrations and it works on the principle of “LIKE ATTRACT LIKE”. In popular culture we call it law of attraction.

Mantra chanting is a technique that unleashes the power lies within  you.

So you are powerful and the real power lies in you. You are just reclaiming your power using the 10 minute fertility mantra meditation technique to fulfill your dream of becoming a mother.

So let me summarize…

You just discovered the most powerful 10 minute fertility mantra meditation technique. By using this technique, what doctors can’t do for years, you can do it yourself in months. However, just knowing about its power isn’t going to help you much unless you put this into practice every day.

The sooner you practice, the sooner you’ll experience miraculous changes in your life.

Today through this article, I have defined “what is the right treatment?”

Here it is once again…

“If your treatment is working or giving the results,  it is a right treatment”

So give the 10 minute fertility mantra a try for 45 days and let me know whether it is working or not…

If you don’t try and stuck to the wrong belief that “getting fertility is hard” no change comes into your life…

I am confident.

You are committed to enjoy your motherhood.

Can’t you spare 10 minutes a day  for fulfilling your dream of becoming a mother?

Why majority women fail and remain infertile

No doubt…

The fertility mantra meditation is a very powerful yogic technique that can help any woman struggling with infertility…

But to take full advantage of all the yogic techniques, you need a complete and easy to follow system.

Without a system, many women mess up and eventually fail.

Despite what you may have heard and what you believe…

I’m here to tell you,

During last 10 years as a infertility blogger, I’ve discovered that any woman can conceive naturally. YES, it’s true!

All that you need is just two things…

1. Right mindset
2. Easy to follow system

Now you have two choices

You can stay the same

Doing wrong things (focusing on the fruit) like our modern doctors do…

Keep on thinking the same thoughts of “something is wrong with my body and I may remain infertile…”

And eventually facing the risk of remaining infertile …

You can change

Doing the right things (focusing on soil, water….) like the wise farmer does.

Joyfully doing just 30 minutes of yogic techniques everyday and changing few dietary and lifestyle changes…You can literally take your destiny into your control and…

  • That protects your fertility…
  • That relieves you from all your hormonal problems…
  • That helps you get pregnant in next 90 to 120 days.
  • That fulfils your long cherished goal of becoming a mother…

The Fertility Yoga Plan

Considering all the above facts, we have created “The Fertility Yoga Plan” program.

In fact…

The 10 minute mantra meditation technique is just one yogic technique that is an extract from “The Fertility Yoga Plan”.

The 3 step fertility code helps you to get pregnancy even if you are failing, aged and giving up.

A unique 3 step system is created to fix your body, mind and energy imbalance…

…that rejuvenates your reproductive organs and makes your uterus ready for conception…and a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

“The Fertility Yoga Plan” is all about three steps…

3 Step Fertility Yoga Plan

3 Yogic Techniques That Change Your Life: Got 10 Minutes A Day? That’s All You Need to Get Pregnancy. (New Scientific Studies Confirm)

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