20 Fertility Affirmations to Fight Infertility and Conceive Fast

READ ALOUD the 20 fertility affirmations every day.

Follow this ritual (without fail).

How to Benefit from Fertility Affirmations…

READ 20 AFFIRMATIONS before you sleep in the night and after you wake up in the morning. Follow this ritual until you get rid of all the hormonal problems and successful with pregnancy.

How Fertility Affirmations Help you Conceive Fast?

Realize this truth…

Affirmations fortify  belief. Beliefs create  chemistry. Chemistry fight Infertility.

There is a saying…“Believing is Seeing”.

When you believe you begin to see things.

You think about it.

You visualize about it.

You talk about it.

You do things differently.

While you are doing so…

Your brain builds new neural pathways and activates new neurotransmitters.

Your new neural pathways and neurotransmitters repair your endocrine system; release happy chemicals and healthy hormones into your bloodstream.

Your happy chemicals and healthy hormones correct your cellular malfunctioning.

In a nutshell…

You are completely changing yourself and your destiny.

Imagine what life is going to be like for you after you start reading “28 Fertility Affirmations”; start following the “5 Step Hormone Balance Plan” and conceiving.

The 3 Step fertility code

“20 Fertility Affirmations”  is the essence of my latest book “The 3 Step fertility code”.

So by following the ritual of reading of 20 fertility affirmations and the 3 Step fertility code with letter and spirit can transform your life…

That’s right;

You can get rid of all your hormonal problems.

You can conceive fast.

Here are the 20 fertility affirmations

1. I am restoring my fertility and conceive fast.
2. I am changing the diets and calming my mind to conceive fast…
3. Modern treatment is symptomatic and therefore I use it for relieving the symptoms.
4. I am restoring my reproductive health with right food choices, with right thoughts and right lifestyle practices.
5. I am restoring my hormone balance. I can do this.
6. I get pregnancy because the 3 step fertility code is based on 10 proven scientific principles…
7. My body is a complete self balancing and self healing organism.
8. I restore my “body balance” that results in pregnancy naturally…
9. I am achieving body balance by taking at least 30 to 40% of fresh vegetables and fruits every day…
10. I am healing all my childhood sub conscious mental wounds…
11. I am using mind exercises to heal the negative emotions of shame, guilt and fear …
12. I embrace feminine traits joyfully…
13. I am releasing feminine energy that root out all my fertility problems…
14. I am getting pregnancy following the 3 Step fertility code.
15. I am avoiding animal products and vegetable oils.
16. I am eating lots of grains and starches with vegetables and fruits.
17. I am reprogramming the deep buried emotions with 5 step mind exercise.
18. I am embracing 12 feminine traits.
19. I am integrating the feminine traits into my feminine cycle.
20. I am getting pregnancy because I am releasing

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Read aloud 20 Fertility Affirmations to Fight Infertility and Conceive Fast

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