Three Easy and Proven Ways to Increase AMH Levels Naturally

Three Easy and Proven Ways to Increase AMH Levels Naturally

One of the frequent questions that our blog readers ask is “shall I rush for IVF as my AMH levels are very low”. Apparently, the egg reserve is an important factor for IVF success and therefore doctors feel a sense of urgency.

But for you, the goal is getting pregnancy and for which low egg reserve is not an important factor. What is important for you is improving the quality of your eggs that you can achieve using three simple activities. (One is taking a mouthwatering recipe that itself is capable of improving the quality of your egg beyond and your imagination)

When everyone is carried away by fear and anxiety only intelligent people are vigilant and do the right things. I’m sure you will stand firm and take the decisions based on your knowledge and wisdom.

How Mindfulness Help You Reduces Stress and Restore Fertility

Anyway let us get into our topic

Low AMH Levels: What it means is this?

AMH levels reflect the number of eggs entering into maturation process. Low AMH levels mean fewer number of eggs getting into maturation process. In other words, low AMH levels is an indication of low egg reserve.

Make no mistake…

So, the women entering into menopause have low AMH levels. This is understandable and obvious. But if you are a woman in 30s and carry low AMH levels, it is the time to take immediate corrective measures to increase AMH levels.

How to increase AMH levels…

Here I want to tell you one important thing. Women with very low AMH levels can still get pregnant if the quality of an egg is good. Hence, the goal of your fertility treatment should be enhancing the quality of your eggs.

The Best Egg Health Kit To Get Pregnant Naturally

Watch the following video in which Dr. Norbert Gleicher and Dr. Vitaly A. Kushnir from the Center for Human Reproduction in New York, NY answers to these questions;

– What is AMH’s physiological role in female reproduction?
– What is the difference between FSH and AMH?
– How are normal AMH levels defined?
What are the implications of low AMH levels?
– Can women get pregnant with very low AMH levels?
Can AMH levels be improved?
– What would you advise women with very low AMH levels?

Having seen the above video, I think, you have realized the importance of increasing egg reserve and also increasing the quality of eggs.

Is it possible to increase AMH levels Naturally or IVF is the only Option?

Your age is over 35 years.

You have low AMH levels and high FSH levels.

You have been told that your eggs are of poor quality…

You are recommended for IVF or you have failed IVF cycles.

You might be thinking that you have almost lost the chance of falling pregnant.

You’re at crossroads not knowing what to…

If you have low AMH levels and high FSH levels what does it mean?

You are in advanced age and obviously, your egg reserve and its quality will come down… The AMH and FSH tests result indicating the same…

So why you give so much importance to these test results…

Considering these facts now the big question before you is whether you can conceive naturally or not…

The straight answer to this question is this…

Yes, you can conceive if you focus on restoring your overall health…

But if you only focus on IVF treatment without changing your diets and stressful lifestyle the chance of getting pregnant is negligible…


IVF treatment doesn’t improve the quality of your egg and therefore the chance of getting pregnant is marginal. Even if you can conceive you may end up with miscarriage because the egg quality is poor.

Yes, I know!

You’re desperately longing to have children. This strong desire to become a mother is quite natural for any women…

You being a career oriented women you have postponed your motherhood and your body is not responding in tune with your intense desires…

Does that mean you have to give up?

Not at all!

Your body has a miraculous healing power.

This miraculous power is enough to fulfill your wish…

It is wise to depend on your body rather than your doctors…

Observe the life around you…

Pay attention to the plants nearby you…

Are they stopping the growth of its leaves, flowers and fruits?

This is the truth…

A wise gardener never focuses on leaves, flowers and fruits…He only focus on soil, water and manure.

Why doesn’t the gardener focus on leaves, flowers and fruits? Because he is wise and therefore focuses on setting the right conditions so that the plant grows on its own…

If the modern doctors have this wisdom they don’t scare you. They don’t focus on the conception. They will focus on creating the right conditions in your body…

Now let me ask you a question…

Can you get pregnant naturally with low AMH levels?

Of course, you can…

You have abundant wisdom than your doctors…

If a gardener can do things right why can’t you do …?

So stop thinking about how to increase AMH levels… Stop thinking what your doctor says… Stop thinking what other says…

Hereafter your focus should be on creating the right conditions in your body and mind…

In simple terms, you are feeding the body the right nutrients… You are feeding your mind with the feelings of improving your health and improving your egg health…

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And here is what to do now…I am giving three simple tips that enhance your egg health and increase your AMH levels naturally.

Here are the three ways to increase AMH levels

1. Do regular exercise and take calorie restricted diets:

Cutting calories coupled with exercise is a scientifically proven strategy to add more life to your body. Remember that eggs are life creating materials and therefore any deficiency of vitality and energy in the eggs render them ineffective.

Calorie restricted diets and regular exercise enhances your cell metabolism, rejuvenate and bring vitality into your eggs. Hence, changing your dietary regimen and adapting to a new lifestyle with exercise should be the first line of corrective measure to increase AMH levels.

2. Take Bone marrow soup:

According to ancient Chinese, Bone Marrow Soup is proven to replenish your egg quality. You’ll find this in all Chinese medicinal cookbooks. Bone Marrow Soup also very helpful in improving the thickness of the uterine lining.

Bone-Building Stock (Makes 10 to 14 cups) (Taken from “Ancient Wisdom Modern Kitchen: Recipes from the East for Health, Healing, and Long Life” by Yuan Wang, Warren Shier, and Mika Ono)

Once you have made the stock, simply add ingredients you prefer: veggies such as mushrooms, carrots, Chinese cabbage, or kale; and/or meat such as shrimp, chicken, beef, or pork. Season with salt or soy sauce to taste. You can also make one large batch and freeze the broth to use later. Full recipe here…

3. Take DHEA Supplementation:

DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone…. are the hormones that regulate fat and mineral metabolism, sexual and reproductive function, and energy levels. DHEA levels increase until our mid to late 20’s then gradually start to decline…DHEA supplementation can certainly be beneficial but it is highly recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before supplementing and it should be monitored regularly with lab work. Read more

To sum up, low AMH levels is an indication of low egg reserve and poor quality of your eggs. The only way you can improve egg reserve, quality, and AMH levels by changing diet and lifestyle.

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How to put this knowledge to use and conceive fast

Here is how you can improve your egg health

A regular use of multivitamins, antioxidants and massage of your womb area improve oxygen and blood supply to your ovaries.

These simple things will bring much needed changes in your body and restore your egg health.

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Here is how you can lower your stress levels

Stress can interfere with your fertility. You therefore should lower your stress levels when you are trying to conceive.

Stress is caused when you are stuck with the painful past or when you stuck with fear about your future. Your body and brain wasn’t made to handle constant stress.

Being mindful  lowers your stress levels and help you conceive fast.

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Finally Realize this truth

There is better way to deal Low AMH Levels…

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