Why You SHOULDN’T Follow Dr OZ Advice On Ovarian Cysts

You may call me I’m crazy but keep reading; you understand why I have given the above statement…

Today I happen to see Dr. Oz video with the title “Dr. Oz Show: Ovarian Cyst Treatment and Detection with Shocked Woman”.

I have enjoyed the first game just like you. It is about an identification of symptoms and non-symptoms associated with ovarian cysts.

The second game is creating a bubblegum bubble. In this game, Dr. Oz tried to explain how ovarian cysts are formed and how they look like by creating a bubblegum bubble.

In the last segment, Dr. Oz explained about how to prevent ovarian cysts in which he suggested the use of birth control pills for regulating the hormonal system.

Now consider this!

If you are suffering from a disease you want to get rid of it and it is very obvious.

Here your intention is eliminating the disease completely along with its symptoms so that you become healthy.

If I suggest you a treatment that only partially calm the pain for short period of time at the cost of risks and complications without eliminating the disease, would you follow that treatment? Would you like it really?

If common sense prevails, you will not follow my suggestion…

You’re right because you want to get rid of the disease.

If you go by the above logic, you don’t follow Dr. Oz solution of use of birth control pills to get rid of ovarian cysts.

Uses of birth control pills just calm the pain for a while but your disease remains there with all its potential consequences.

Generally what happens?

If you are diagnosed with ovarian cysts you are almost always going to be given a prescription for painkillers or birth control pills. You use these pills for weeks and months but your ovarian cysts are still there with the same size or reduced size.

So, the net result is like fighting the darkness without switching on the light.

Don’t get me wrong!

By using birth control pills you are wasting the time. You have to realize that negligence of the root cause of ovarian cysts will have dangerous risks and complications.

In short, you’re making your condition worse [sometimes irreversible]

It is extremely important so pay close attention here…

Ovarian cysts are caused by multiple internal factors and therefore the treatment must address all these factors.

Use of the conventional treatments like birth control pills, hormones or removing the cyst or ovary with surgery, you are just masking the problem and ignoring the real cause of formation of cysts.

There is one more thing I need to tell you…

Most women who had undergone surgery will experience the recurrence of cysts sooner or later. Then what’s the point going for surgery unless it is malignant?

Let us face it!

There is no magic pill or quick fix to get rid of this problem.

The bottom line is this!

Modern medicine doesn’t address the root cause of the ovarian cysts problem…

Extremely important!

You require a holistic system that can precisely go into the root of the problem and cure it permanently.

What do I mean by holistic system?

Don’t forget this!

Illness cannot exist in a healthy body…

You can have a healthy body only through proper nourishment (check 7 foods to prevent Ovarian Cyst), strengthening the immunity system and strengthening your mind.

Once you become healthy, the illness disappears from your body automatically.

You believe or not you have to combat your problem based on the above natural law


Keeping the above principle in mind, you have to combat ovarian cysts problem from three fronts

It is the only surefire way to completely get rid of ovarian cysts permanently…

You may bit skeptical at this juncture…

But believe me…

The only thing you require is a three-step natural holistic system even if you have large and multiple cysts.

Here are the three steps;

1. Dietary change to nourish your body but not satisfying your tongue.

2. Enhance immunity system to protect your body against the disease.

3. Internal cleansing to eliminate chemicals and toxins from your body.

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If you carefully observe the above triangle and its arrow marks, you’ll find that one process has impact over the other process. In other words, these processes are working in tandem.

In fact, this is the secret of getting back your healthy body.

With this system, you can permanently cure your ovarian cysts and end the chronic pain…

You can rebalance your body including your hormonal system…

In other words what you require is a holistic plan for reversing ovarian cysts and PCOS, boosting fertility and regaining your inner natural balance.

Conclusion: How to Reverse All PCOS Problems within 2 Months

The frustrating weight gain and nasty pimples on the face; awkward body and facial hair; stabbing abdominal pain and never sure periods…All these symptoms are warning signals of damaging hormonal system. You can’t stop this damage with Birth Control Pills or Clomid and Femara cycles.


First STOP treating the Symptoms and then START treating the Disease i.e Root cause. As a result, your next Test will be Positive and that fulfills your Womanhood. Also, you can prevent Chronic and life-threatening diseases. But don’t D.E.L.A.Y…. as it could damage reproductive organs irreversibly and put your health at serious risk.

Want to know how to treat the root cause…

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