10 Deadly Foods for Endometriosis That You Eat Everyday

10 Deadly Foods for Endometriosis

If you suffer from endometriosis right from your teenage, you may be experiencing years of infertility and prolonged menstrual bleeding. I know how severe the pain in the pelvic area and perhaps even multiple surgeries could not completely relieve you from endometriosis.

Conventional Treatments Burn, Cut And Ablate Endometrial Tissue:

After being diagnosed with endometriosis, you may have used conventional treatments of oral contraceptives, painkillers and laparoscopy. You know all such treatments are intended to burn, cut and ablate endometrial tissue but not cure endometriosis. In other words, the modern treatments do not address the root cause to the problem. Added to this, you will be affected by the side-effects of depression and mood swings.

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If you know how endometriosis affects and devastates your life, you can possibly avoid years of expensive treatments and embarrassing infertility. In this article, an effort is made to bring such awareness that every suffering woman should realize so that she can take charge of her life fully into her control.

Endometriosis Facts:

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Endometriosis is a serious health problem, and it is also the main cause of infertility in women (Check Other Main Causes of infertility). One in every 10 women suffers from this problem during their prime lifetime. Approximately, 176 million women and girls worldwide suffer from endometriosis. At least 5.5 million women in North America alone have endometriosis.

If you ask the doctor the cause of endometriosis, they will tell “no specific cause can be attributed and there is no permanent cure for endometriosis.” Their approach towards the problem is not holistic, and therefore, you cannot expect a correct answer from them. Even their treatment is also confined to reducing the symptoms of the disease rather than eliminating the root cause of the problem.

How To Get Rid Of Endometriosis?

If you are serious about dealing with this problem and completely get rid of endometriosis, a shift in your thinking is prerequisite. You need to take a pause for a while and pose questions like why your body is generating this disease often in spite of undergoing treatment. If you dig deep into the issue you will know the exact cause of endometriosis by yourself. Once you develop this awareness and make a radical shift in your lifestyle, you can see a substantial improvement in your health. You’ll be surprised to know, how simple it is to deal with endometriosis by yourself.

You Are What You Eat:

There is a saying that ‘you are what you eat’. Obviously, endometriosis disease is a reflection of what you are eating every day. That means if you don’t change the way you eat, you cannot expect a complete cure of endometriosis. As I told you, endometriosis is a disease of modern food habits. You, therefore, reflect on what you are eating every day and see whether these foods are really good for endometriosis and overall health of your body.

Average American Food Habits:

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If you take a look into average American food habits and evaluate its usefulness to the body, you will be shocked to know how devastating they are to your body. What I am going to discuss is really not new to you, and perhaps you are already aware of these facts. However, if you understand deeply and bring about clarity in your awareness, followed by taking corrective measures, you can completely cure endometriosis.

Know What Not To Eat And What To Eat:

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Discovering a solution to your endometriosis boils down to knowing what not to eat and what to eat. Fighting the endometriosis is all about eliminating the foods that increase prostaglandins and reduce estrogen levels in your body. All the symptoms of endometriosis, including painful abdominal cramps, heavy menses and severe pain in the pelvic area are caused by estrogen.

Our task is identifying the foods which aggravate the problem of endometriosis and symptoms associated with it. Any foods that increase inflammation, triggers estrogen levels, cause the body weight and add toxins into your body must be avoided. Conversely all the foods that increase energy levels, boost immunity system and reduce estrogen levels must be part of your endometrial diet plan. In this article an emphasis is given on the topic of what not to eat for endometriosis. Here are the top 10 foods responsible for endometriosis.

10 Dangerous Foods For Endometriosis:

1. Red Meat

According to new research consumption of red meat can increase the risk of endometriosis by more than 80%. You need to stop ham particularly as it has food additive of sodium nitrate which is highly toxic and can interfere with functioning of your reproductive system.

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2. Trans Fats

Women whose diets are rich in foods containing Omega-3 oils might be less likely to develop endometriosis, while those whose diets are heavily laden with trans fats might be more likely to develop the debilitating condition, new research published suggests.

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3. Wheat flour foods:

Wheat flour foods including white bread, pasta, pastry, cakes are linked to the obesity. In the recent study it has been established that childhood obesity could be precursors to endometriosis. Obese women also have risk of endometrial cancer. Avoiding these foods improves overall health of your body and also reduce the risk of endometriosis.

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4. Processed foods

All the processed foods come with additives, preservatives and chemical flavors  stimulate the growth of bad prostaglandins. Eliminating these foods from your menu reduce the symptoms of endometriosis considerably.

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5. Refined Sugar

All the food items prepared from refined sugar will cause acidic environment within your body. Excessive amounts of acids are not at all good as they deplete oxygen, calcium and other minerals from your body. It is also an ideal ground for the growth of bacteria and virus. This environment is also responsible for endometriosis.

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6. Wheat

Wheat contains gluten and those who are sensitive to gluten have chances of suffering with increased symptoms of endometriosis. Products containing wheat and gluten should be avoided or limited. Research also proved that those women who take gluten-free diet regularly will get complete relief from endometrial pain.

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7. Soy products

Cut out soy milk and soy products from your diet. Soy products contain phyto-estrogens which increases estrogen levels in your body. As you keep on adding soy products into your body estrogen levels also keeps increasing and therefore, the problem of endometriosis worsens.

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8. Caffeine

The consumption of a caffeine increases estrogen levels in your body. Caffeine also causes undesirable effects on other body organs. Caffeine will interfere with liver functioning, by reducing its ability to detoxify and eliminate excess estrogen. Caffeine also interferes with the production of progesterone, which counteracts the adverse effects of estrogen.

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9. Alcohol

Liver is responsible for expelling excess estrogen from the body. Consumption of alcohol puts an excessive burden on the liver. Elimination of alcohol from the body becomes paramount and thereby hinders its capacity of eliminating the estrogen from your body.

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10. Dairy products

Limiting the consumption of dairy products is quite essential. Dairy products contain saturated fats which put the burden on the liver and as a consequence the estrogen levels in the body increases.

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Endometriosis Diet Plan:

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Your endometriosis diet plan, therefore, is twin fold of adding anti inflammatory, immunity boosting, energy raising foods and estrogen reducing foods in your menu while eliminating the foods that stimulate production of estrogen from your menu.

In conclusion, the battle against endometriosis is all about knowing what to eat and what not to eat and strictly following it in your diet menu. By embracing new food habits, you are essentially taking the situation into your control rather than simply wishing recovery from endometriosis.

The change in your approach is nothing more than tuning to the requirements of your body and giving what your body really wants. This is the only way you can help your body to recover on its own from the years long problem of endometriosis completely and creating an ideal environment. Once an ideal environment for the growth of a new life is created, getting pregnant is quite natural.

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Conclusion : Get Pregnant with Endometriosis

If you are trying to conceive for more than two years, I know your pain and suffering. You wait months and years only to be told that “I’m sorry”.

I don’t want to scare you, but…

The delay in treating the root cause weakens reproductive organs and put your health in serious risk.

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