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How To Get Pregnant Naturally With Low AMH Levels

This post was last updated on August 10th, 2017 at 03:49 pm

Are you trying to conceive with low AMH levels?


You might have tried everything that your RE advised.

Anxiously waited for results.

But the result is “BFN” as usual.

You may be thinking that why your body is disappointing you repeatedly…

I understand!

Your doctors don’t answer your questions.

Your friends and family members are insensitive to the pain and agony you have been undergoing.

You are not sure whether you are going to be a mom for your baby…

Here is what you looking for…

If you resonate what I am saying so far, you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, you will find answers to all of your questions.

I am also going to tell you how 2 proven natural cures help you can get pregnant naturally with low AMH levels.

What is low AMH?

Depleting ovarian reserve:

Low AMH level is an indication of depleting ovarian reserve. In other words, you may be heading for fertility problems or premature menopause.

Did you postpone your motherhood?

Overlooking this important issue of life is the root cause of all your problems.

Nowadays more women are postponing their motherhood until the later age, giving priority to their career.

But in the process, they are ignoring to check periodically, whether their eggs and its quality are declining or not.

Overlooking this important issue of life is the root cause of all your problems.

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AMH levels by Age:

If your age is less than 35 years the normal level of AMH is 1.5 – 4.0 ng/ml.

And if it is below 1.0 ng/ml it is considered as low AMH levels.

Low AMH levels are a clear indication of the depleting egg reserve.

And it is the time to take your problem seriously and explore all possible solutions including natural methods.

Simple blood test can give an accurate idea:

A blood test for assessing AMH levels gives you a fairly accurate idea of how your ovarian reserve is being affected.

This blood test is simple that you can take any time during your menstrual cycle.

Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) Explained

Why do I have low AMH levels?

There can be multiple reasons, either relating to impending infertility or other chronic diseases.

Low AMH levels are a result of hormonal imbalance in your body.

You have to consider this problem as overall deterioration of your health due to poor dietary and lifestyles you have been following unknowingly.

Here are the some of the reasons for low AMH levels;

reasons for low AMH levels, low amh levels and pregnancy, what causes low amh

You may have;

Since low AMH is a signal for the underlying problem, you need to investigate it and find out why you have high AMH levels.

If you’re a woman over the age of 40 and if you have low AMH, you are heading towards menopause or premature menopause.

Why does low AMH cause infertility?

Low AMH signals decreasing egg reserve. But it doesn’t mean the quality of your egg is also affected. However, if you continue to neglect this, you may end up with no eggs.

What it means to you.

Since your egg quality is not affected, you may not have any problem of fertility.

It is not true for everyone.

In case, it is an age-related low AMH the quality of egg may also be affected.

If that is the case, you must be hurried to get pregnant.

Causes of low AMH

Age factor

AMH levels are determined by the number of developing follicles in your ovaries.

The most important determining factor in the number of follicles is age, as ovarian reserve diminishes over time.

Ovarian reserve begins to decline in the mid to late 30s, and AMH (and hence ovarian reserve) levels tend to be low in women in their 40s.

Environmental factors

Age is not always a factor in low AMH however.

Some women continue to have high AMH levels into their 40s, while others have declining AMH levels in their 20s or 30s.

This can be due to environmental factors such as cancer treatment, or down to inherited genetic causes.

It is important to find out the age of menopause in your family because this is often a good guide to the rate of your own fertility decline. Click here to read more

Chances of getting pregnant with low AMH levels?

Low AMH levels and IVF

Fertility doctors treat low AMH like a death sentence. They either rush you to IVF or donor eggs or make you feel like there is no chance of getting pregnant. The thought of never becoming a mom is really heartbreaking.

But here is the FACT…

Low egg reserve is only a factor in IVF, but it doesn’t affect your ability to get pregnant naturally. So do not give up your hope and it will happen…

If you want more information on IVF you can read my articles… 16 Things You Should Know About IVF Treatment (Infographic) and also Is IVF Safe For the Baby and Mother or Not? A True Perspective.

And that is why…

If you ask this question a conventional doctor, the answer would be that you have fewer chances of getting pregnant.

If you ask the same question to an alternative therapist, the answer would be that you have a definite chance of getting pregnant.

Then what is the truth?

  • How to get pregnant with triple problems of advanced age, high FSH levels and low AMH levels ( These techniques work even your Doctor say that you have no chance of getting pregnant)

Here is the real story…

I had what I call the ‘trilogy of infertility’ – over 40, high FSH, and super low AMH. On paper, my numbers looked terrible. My husband and I were told by a fertility specialist that because I was over 40, had high FSH and ‘virtually undetectable levels of AMH’, IVF was not an option for us; donor eggs would be our ONLY option. She told me “your reproductive years are over”. I will never forget that. She said there was a less than 5% chance that I could get pregnant naturally, and if I did, because I was over 40, it would likely be an abnormal egg that got fertilized, leading to ‘virtually 100% chance of miscarriage’. My initial reaction was, ‘I’m only 41, how can this be happening to me?’ I was just starting my family. Both my husband and I were left feeling devastated and deflated. We were discouraged and felt abandoned by western medicine.

I really wanted to conceive a sibling for my daughter. An easy way for me to up my fruit/veg intake was to have daily smoothies. I tried to include cooked veg with every meal and snack, I switched to almond milk, and chose to completely cut out coffee and added sugar. I walked on my lunch hour and rode my stationary bike at home after work. It wasn’t even that hard to make the changes, I just kept focussing on what it could help achieve – pregnancy.

I am now happy to say that I am pregnant – and it happened naturally!  Read this story here

How to increase AMH levels?

Even if these are poor, this does not mean you cannot improve it! While Western medicine does not have much to offer, there are alternative medicine options you can try to improve your ovarian reserve

These include the following:

1. Yoga (Read my article Yoga Poses For Infertility Treatment In Women  for more information)
2. Acupuncture
3. DHEA, 25mg thrice a day.
4. Wheat germ daily
5. CoQ 10, 100 mg daily
6. Vit D3 ( Calcirol), 60000 IU, once a week for 10 weeks  (From  Dr. Malpani’s Blog)

Natural Treatment for low AMH

Before I tell you the natural treatment for low AMH, I want you to understand the problem in a right perspective.

You can enhance the quality of your eggs:

Now your egg reserve is depleting.

Unfortunately, you cannot increase the egg numbers, and however, you can enhance the quality of your eggs and thereby improve the chances of your conception.

Healthy Choices are the key!

As your age advances the health of your eggs are affected by poor dietary choices, poor blood circulation, disturbed hormonal balance, autoimmune disorders, and other health problems.

However, you can support your cells, organs and systems with proper dietary and lifestyle choices.

The dietary and lifestyle choices you make also improve the quality and health of your eggs. If you want more information on the diets you can read my article 20 Foods That Are Very Crucial for Getting Pregnant…


how to enhance egg quality, how to improve egg quality naturally, how to improve egg quality, how to improve egg quality and quantity

Here I am giving you a couple of tips that you can follow immediately.

3 simple Tips to enhance fertility with low AMH levels

1. Practice fasting and eat raw foods:

It is the best way to eliminate toxins from your body. Toxins damage your egg follicles.

Elimination of toxins is equal to improving your fertility and improving chances of conception.

Do you want to get pregnant fast? Try this Easy Fertility Cleansing

2. Practice yoga and abdominal stretching exercise daily:

Yoga and abdominal exercises improve blood flow to the ovaries, and that support healthy nourishment of the egg follicles.

3. Self-fertility massage:

Self-fertility massage is also best for improving blood circulation and improving fertility. Take a look at the following video to know high you can do self-fertility massage yourself.

These three simple lifestyle changes bring a lot of holistic changes in your life. You can read my another article Three Easy and Proven Ways to Increase AMH Levels Naturally for information…

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Can you really get pregnant with low AMH levels?

AMH is not a factor in Young women: 

Low AMH levels in young healthy women do not seem to be a predictor of reduced fecundability. This is consistent with high egg quality in these young women, despite a reduced ovarian reserve. Conversely, women with high AMH levels had a 40% reduction in the FR, and this persisted even after exclusion of women with irregular cycles.

So what does all this mean? At present, routine measurement of AMH level as a “fertility check up” in young women is not useful. This study clearly shows that young women with low AMH levels did not have a decreased chance of conception compared to women with normal AMH levels. Click here to read more

Here are real cases of success with low AMH levels…

I got pregnant naturally after being told that I would not even qualify for IVF

“My amh was .14 and I got pregnant naturally after being told that I would not even qualify for IVF by a doctor. Needless to say I dumped that practice. I have a 7 month old baby boy.”

“I had very low AMH too, so much that the fertility dr we went to said we would not qualify for IVF unless we used an egg donor (!!!) She seriously tried to sell me on that and it’s like $30 thousand. A couple months after being told that, we got pregnant completely naturally, no drugs or medicine, nothing.” Read for more info…


Conclusion: How to protect your fertility if your AMH levels are below 1.0 ng/ml

You have done everything RE is advised and yet your egg reserve is depleting fast.

The conventional medicine cannot enhance the quality of your eggs.

You cannot conceive with unhealthy eggs the only option left would be the donor egg.


The urgent need of the hour is enhancing the quality of your eggs.

Because any further delay could damage your fertility irreversibly.

There are only Two PROVEN Cures to Nourish your Eggs Naturally. They work regardless of your age.

Watch this Amazing VIDEO Presentation Now and Discover How You Can Get Pregnant with Low AMH levels>>>





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So first and foremost you need to find out why you got this problem in first place.

In other words…

I want you to discover what is causing your fertility problem. Without knowing the cause of your problem you cannot fix it. ( But unfortunately, this is what the modern doctors are doing for you.)

I am sure, no one can tell you the real cause of your problem. But let us try to discover the cause of your problem based on SCIENTIFIC FACTS….

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I used to ridicule news like this…

“Women get pregnant while she’s on vacation.”

“Woman get pregnant after adoption.”

We hear such news now and then.

All such stories will tell you one thing.

If you are trying to conceive very hard, stress and anxiety will affect your fertility and you will not get pregnant. Once you forget this and start living the life normally you will get pregnant.

In the past, I think they are simply coincidences…

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20 Foods That Are Very Crucial for Getting Pregnant


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I try to explain this with an analogy.

Please think of this situation. You want to drink a glass of lime water. You have taken a glass of water and squeezed lime juice into it. You sip the juice and found it bitter. What will you do then? You pour some more water and see that its bitterness is reduced.

See what you have done here?

You have reduced the acidity of lime juice by adding more water. This sort of common sense is enough to tackle the problem of infertility. This may sound overly simplistic but this is the truth… Continue to read


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I never believed in the alternative to western medicine. I am of the opinion that the so-called alternative therapies including Chinese medicine were a hoax.

This is my perception before I have started my fertility blog. You already know that I am fertility blogger for the last 3 years. I have done extensive research and heard umpteen number of success stories. Today I know that natural therapies work.

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Being a woman, I know that every woman wants to experience motherhood. That is our innate nature and that is why you are doing everything that is humanly possible to get pregnant. You deserve highest care and certainty of treatments.

Like most women, you’re not getting vital information that you need to fight infertility, and get rid of all the infertility problems that you have.

It is in this context you must know whether yoga really improves fertility in women and if so how yoga will help you get rid of your infertility problems… Continue to read

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